“Evelyne Deret”

Art [ ] Collector, going part of the way with artists

Since 2011, the Deret husband and wife duo have been conducting a philanthropic project aimed at supporting young artistic creation: Art [ ] Collector. This year, they’re celebrating the initiative’s birthday with a retrospective exhibition, on until 3 December in Paris. When it comes to collecting, the Derets go it alone. Évelyne is fond of powerful or narrative works, some of which represent femininity, often expressionist in style, sometimes with a tendency towards art brut. Jacques prefers more architectural pieces as well as colourful abstract works. But overlooking their differences in taste, together they launched, in 2011, Art [ ] Collector, a private philanthropic project. “From the outset, the idea was to support young French artists and to circulate their work without specifically showing our collection,” explains Jacques Deret. “We anchored the project in the notion of sharing to pool networks,” adds Évelyne. Art [ ] Collector is structured around a prize. Rather than offering a grant, it offers the winner a solo exhibition and the publication of a small monograph. The prize is awarded according to the decision made by a selection committee made up of collectors and professionals from the art world. To date, ten winners have emerged: Iris Levasseur, Jérémy Liron and Christine Barbe in 2012; Clément Bagot and Karine Rougier in 2013; Claire Chesnier and Eva Nielsen in 2014; Abdelkader Benchamma and Olivier Masmonteil in 2015; and Massinissa Selmani in 2016. The next winner on the list has already been announced: photographer Charles Fréger. Already five years… It is in their fetish space, the Patio Opéra’s “Studio”, in Paris, that the Deret s are showing, until 3 December, the “5 X 2” retrospective, featuring some thirty works by the ten prize-winning artists. The exhibition is curated by Philippe Piguet, who has often chaired the selection...

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Charles Fréger, winner of the Prix Art [ ] Collector

The Art [ ] Collector selection committee has picked its winner, a choice coinciding with FIAC 2016. Evelyne and Jacques Deret — collectors and initiators of the project — have chosen French photographer Charles Fréger. Two solo exhibitions will be organised for him in 2017: the first at the Patio Art Opéra, in Paris, the second at the Patinoire Royale/Galerie Valérie Bach, in Brussels. These exhibitions will be accompanied by the publication of a catalogue. Evelyne and Jacques Deret launched this project to reach out to a new public by presenting artworks outside of their usual context, in other words, museums and galleries. Loaned by collectors, works — whether by historic or emerging artists — are shown in private spaces and communicate with one...

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Art [ ] Collector exhibits its 10th winner, Massinissa Selmani

Algiers-born artist Massinissa Selmani was selected as the 10th winner of the Art [ ] Collector project last October during the FIAC. Curated by Catherine David, his exhibition “Bleu comme une Orange” is now being held until 1 October at the Patio Art Opéra in Paris. As collectors committed to promoting emerging French artists, Evelyne and Jacques Deret, who launched Art [ ] Collector in 2011, joined forces with eleven personalities from the art world to decide on the prize winner: Léa Bismuth, critic and exhibition collector; Anne Martin-Fugier, collector, historian and writer; Isabelle de Maisonrouge, curator, professor at the NYU and journalist; Philippe Piguet, exhibition curator and critic; Françoise and Jean-Claude Quemin, collectors; Daniel Schildge, collector; Huguette and Alain Theze, collectors. Since 2012, nine artists have been chosen to hold exhibitions, including Iris Levasseur, Eva Nielsen, Abdelkader Benchama and Olivier...

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Interview with Evelyne and Jacques Deret, collectors and founders of Art Collector

Paris, 19 September 2012. Art Media Agency (AMA). On the occasion of the second exhibition organised by Art [ ] Collector, a totally new patronage project created in September 2011 in order to promote French artists, Art Media Agency met with Evelyne and Jacques Deret, passionate collectors and founders of the project. Art Media Agency (AMA): What can you say about the Art [ ] Collector project and the selection process you have built? Evelyne & Jacques Deret (EJD) : Our approach with Art [ ] Collector is quite new, in the sense that it is consists in exhibiting in a private place, for ten days, the best works of an artist, gathering both emblematic works lent by collectors and more recent works presented by his gallery. It is a way to recall that collecting means sharing as well. For the selection process, three artists are selected each year by a Committee composed of established personalities of the art world. This year, there are Nathalie and Alexandre Callay (collectors), Frédéric Morel (administrator of the ADIAF, Chairman of the Villa d’Arson in Nice), Carole Tournay (in charge of patronage and cultural events at the Neuflize OBC Bank), Fanny and Philippe Santini (collectors, director of FTV Publicité), Anne Kerner (journalist and critic), Eric Mezan (founder and CEO of Art Process) and Isabelle de Maison-Rouge (curator, professor in the New York University and journalist) were involved in the adventure. They are either people we know well, or people we met for the occasion (Frédéric Morel for instance). The project was discussed with many people before its launch. Each year, during the FIAC, the selection committee meets in order to choose three artists we will exhibit during the year. We propose a selection of ten artists (we realise ourselves the presentation files), out of which...

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