“Estorick Collection”

Renato Guttuso at the Estorick Collection, London

Running from 14 January until 4 April 2015, the Estorick Collection, London, is to present the work of Italian artist Renato Guttuso in the first major exhibition in the UK to focus on the artist in over 20 years. “Renato Guttuso: Painter of Modern Life” is to focus on the artist’s key role in defining the artistic style in post-war Italy; Gutuso was born in Bagheria, Sicily, in 1911 and began to paint at an early age. As well as being well recognised as a highly influential artist, Gutuso was a fierce ant-fascist, themes of which are reflected in his allegorical works such as Flight from Etna and Crucifixion.  The Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art is internationally renowned for its core of Futurist works. It comprises some 120 paintings, drawings, watercolours, prints and sculptures by many of the most prominent Italian artists of the Modernist era. This exhibition is organised in collaboration with Galeria d’Arte Magiore, Bologna....

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The Estorick Collection extends “Giorgio Morandi: Lines of Poetry”

London, le 6 mars 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA). The Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art recently announced the extension of the exhibition “Giorgio Morandi: Lines of Poetry” through 28 April 2013, due to its striking success. Organised in partnership with the Galleria d’Art Maggiore in Bologne and the support of numerous private collections, the exhibition gathers over 80 personal and meditative works by Italian artist Giorgio Morandi (1890-1964), comprised of paintings, engravings and drawings, illustrating his entire career. Giorgio Morandi was born in Bologne on 20 July 1890. Though he cannot be associated with any movement in particular, he got interested in the Italian Futurism movement in 1913-1914, met Carlo Carra and Giorgio de Chirico in 1919, and briefly joined the Metaphysical School. He subsequently took part in the exhibitions of the Novecento in Milan. He won the First Prize of the Venice Biennale in...

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“Futurism and the past” exhibition in London

London, 5 December 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA). From 1 December 2012 to 30 September 2013 the Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art, located in London, will launch its first virtual exhibition “Futurism and the past”. The exhibition analyses the association between Futurism and the Italian pictorial tradition. The online exhibition features around 60 works half of the futurist movement (1909-1919) and the other half spanning the history of art from Ancient Greece to Baroque Rome. The works can be viewed here: www.futurismandthepast.com The exhibition was curated by Rosalind McKever in a way that one can establish connections between the two different movements and, therefore, think differently about one or the other. When futurism was founded by T. Marinetti in 1909, he demanded that museums be burned down and Italy’s artistic heritage destroyed in order to allow the country to modernise. The Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art opened in London in 1998. It contains six galleries, an art library, cafe and bookshop. The Collection is known internationally for its core of Futurist works, as well as figurative art and sculpture dating from 1890 to the...

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“Bruno Munari: My Futurist Past” at Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art

London, 10 September 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA). From 19 September to 23 December 2012, the Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art, the only British museum entirely dedicated to Italian art, will be displaying works by Bruno Munari during an exhibition entitled “Bruno Munari: My Futurist Past”. It will analyse this complex and multifaceted artist’s work. From his Futurist phase (1927) to the post War years, the visitor will witness the evolution of Munari’s style in his paintings, until he became one of the founders of the Movimento Arte Concreta (Concrete Art Movement), an example for the following generation of artists. His influence extends well beyond the borders of his own country. Born in Milan in 1907, Bruno Munari used to describe his work as his “Futurist Past”. His commitment to the movement explains without doubt the multiplicity of his work. Interested in a variety of subjects, he tried his hand at photography, sculpture, film making. His influences are numerous and reflect the inspiration from other movements like Surrealism and Dadaism. This exhibition focuses on two aspects of his art: the artistic side, in which the conflicting relationship with Futurism is analysed and a second aspect in which Munari’s independent work in the field of design, graphic illustrations, advertising, and sketches is this time considered. His work as a graphic designer for reviews contributed greatly to the modernisation of Italian culture. For the first time in the United Kindgom, it will be displayed the Concave-convex installation, which was of capital importance in Munari personal development, being also a true precursor in the matter of installations. The exhibition will also be enriched by video projections on the exterior walls of the...

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Della Ragione Collection at Estorick Collection

London, 13 January 2011. AMA. The Alberto della Ragione Collection is being exhibited at the Estorick Collection in London from 12 January to 3 April 2011. The exhibition features emblematic works by artists like Filippo de Pisis, Fortunato Depero and Giorgio de Chirico. Della Ragione was an engineer in the Regia Marina (Royal (Italian) Navy), as well as an art enthusiast. He died in 1973, leaving behind a large collection of nineteenth and twentieth century paintings assembled in the course of the 1920’s. In the 1930’s, he enhanced his collection considerably with pieces by masters such as Massimo Campigli, Arturo Martini and Giorgio Morandi. He then turned to younger artists and allocated a monthly grant to Renato Guttuso, Renato Birolli and Giuseppe Santomaso, in exchange for exclusive rights. In 1970, he generously donated the whole collection to Florence after the 1966 flood that devastated the city. The last time the Della Ragione Collection was presented was in 2006 at Forte di Belvedere in...

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