“Emmanuel Perrotin Gallery”

Laurent Grasso, a vision of power

On the occasion of the opening of the Emmanuel Perrotin Gallery in Seoul, Laurent Grasso presents a new exhibition, from 28 April to 28 May 2016, revolving around issues of power and representation. At the heart of its work, the artist unveils Elysée, a remarkable movie shot in the offices of the French President. It was the perfect occasion for Art Media Agency to ask Laurent Grasso about his incursion in the mysterious workings of power and his relationship to Korea. Emmanuel Perrotin chose to start his new gallery in Seoul with your work. What relationship do you have with Korea and Korean collectors? One must know that in Korea, the cultural policy is very active and dynamic. I had the chance to be granted access to exhibitions there very soon, thanks to Manu D. Park, a Korean researcher at Paris’ Beaux Arts who was doing his PhD in France when I was a student. He became artistic director at the Busan Biennale in Korea and I was selected twice to take part in it. After that, Samsung invited me to create a permanent artwork on their facade and the Daejeon Museum of Art contacted me for an exhibition. I was also invited to the NMCA, the National Museum of Contemporary Art, for an exhibition with the artists nominated for the Marcel Duchamp Prize in 2011. What works do you present in this new exhibition? I decided to show the movie Elysée as it is the last artwork I created, but I also show paintings and sculptures in relation to the Elysée.  The whole exhibition revolves around this issue of aesthetic and power. I also wanted to give more access to my work to the public in Seoul. I show, in particular, the movie Soleil Double, which was never...

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Anniversary of the Emmanuel Perrotin gallery in Lille

Lille, 16 October 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA). Lille3000 is presenting an exhibition based on the vision of gallerist Emmanuel Perrotin, displaying the works of the artists he has exhibited over the course of his career. The exhibition is in honour of the gallery’s 25th anniversary. The Perrotin gallery currently presents 150 artworks by 77 artists in 3 different exhibition spaces. The French gallerist, born in 1968, opened his first gallery in 1989 in the Marais district of Paris. In 2012 he opened a gallery in Hong Kong and another in New York. Lille3000 is a project which seeks to further the artistic dynamism of the city of Lille “neither a festival or a biennale, lille3000 invites us to a cultural discovery, through some of the most contemporary artists both here and abroad, whilst sharing its shows with the biggest number of people, in the heart of the city”, stated Martine Aubry, mayoress of Lille. “Happy Birthday: Galerie Perrotin / 25 ans” is taking place in Lille from 11 October 2013 until 12 January 2014, in the artistic institution Tri...

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Peggy Leboeuf appointed director of New York’s Emmanuel Perrotin gallery

New York, 6 September 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA). Peggy Leboeuf is to direct the New York branch of Emmanuel Perrotin, leaving her post as the head of the gallery’s Paris space on Rue de Turenne. The New York gallery space is to open its doors for the first time on 18 September. Located on Madison Avenue in the Upper East Side, it is two blocks from the Hauser & Wirth and Gagosian galleries, and the Whitney Museum. Measuring 400 m², the vast exhibition space is to be run in association with Lucien Terras, who is to manage Emmanuel Perrotin’s relationship with museums and other arts institutions. From 18 September to 26 October, the new gallery is to present work by Italian artist Paola Pivi – already well-known in New York, following the display of one of her sculptures in Central Park in 2012. At Perrotin, Pivi is to present a solo show entitled “Ok, you are better than me, so what?” featuring recent photographs and sculptures, including a bear whose fur has been replaced with vibrant red...

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Fuzlab, live drawing at Perrotin Gallery

Paris, 11 May 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA). The Emmanuel Perrotin Gallery in Paris is hosting the Fuzlab duo until 15 May, and will host it again from 5 to 16 June 2012. This exhibition takes the form of a public workshop, a performance during which the artists paint a fresco several dozen meters long in the presence of visitors. Fuzlab is the fruit of the artists’ fortuitous meeting. Firstly Luz, illustrator and press caricaturist for the Charlie Hebdo newspaper, and secondly, the Italo-American musician Fabrizio Moretti, drummer in rock group The Strokes. According to the press release published by the gallery, the two men met in a Parisian café where they started to share their passion for drawing. They then went into producing a fresco on an eighty meter long and thirty meters high paper roll. They settled in a Parisian flat where Emmanuel Perrotin got wind of their firm and decided to offer them the use of his gallery. The work, described by Emmanuel Perrotin as a cathartic tragedy, loosely draws inspiration from the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur to produce a current version of it mixing betrayals, sex, murder and power...

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FIAC results

Paris, 25 October 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA). Despite doubts that the current art market imposed to gallery owners as well as traders, successful auctions were held for exhibitors of both shows, at Grand Palais, as well as last weeks show in London. Art Info announced some result of this year’s FIAC edition, which have been prolific for gallery owners. Thus, Emmanuel Perrotin sold Bharti Kher’s work, Acidic Landscape, Boiling Water, for €186,000, as well as artist Jean-Michel Othoniel’s creation of glass pearls by Murano sold for €80,000. Berlin’s Contemporay Fine Arts Gallery found takers for two Marcel Eichner paintings for almost €40,000. Moreover, Simon Lee Gallery sold Michelangelo Pistoletto’s L’Autoportrait au miroir, along with a George Condo’s painting at €200,000. David Zwimmer Gallery announced the results of its Parisian auctions, where notably an important piece by John McCraken, entitled Flower, was acquired by a French collector for €430,000. Dan Flavin’s work Untitled (to the citizens of the Republic of France on the 200th anniversary of their revolution) 1, was purchased by an American collector for €400,000. In addition, two creations by Donald Judd were acquired by Mexican and European collectors for...

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