“Eli and Edye Broad”

Eli and Edye Broad: a history of passion

From collecting artists in-depth to supporting the constant improvement of mind, body and spirit, Eli and Edye Broad’s philosophy of development runs through everything they do. We talk to two of the world’s most important collectors of post-war and contemporary art about the brutal honesty and power of “the art of our times”. Most collectors, when asked what the first work of art they ever bought was, respond with something devastatingly unattainable; a name that instantly demonstrates how innately skilled they have always been at spotting incubating genius: an early Basquiat, perhaps, or an oil painting by a young and struggling Tracey Emin. It’s therefore refreshing, encouraging, humbling, to discover that Eli and Edye Broad – the couple who, two years ago, opened The Broad, a $140 million museum in downtown Los Angeles, to house and display three quarters of their 2,000 strong collection of post-war and contemporary art, and who are now ranked number 13 in the Artnet index of the World’s Top 100 Art Collectors – are not afraid to trace the beginnings of their own collecting back to a relatable 12 year old Edye, who remembers the very first postcard reproduction of an artwork that she ever bought: Picasso’sThree Musicians. Yet Eli and Edye’s entire story is characterized by growth: from the couple’s first meeting in 1954 when they were just 21 and 18, respectively, to the celebration of their 60th wedding anniversary three years ago; Eli’s persistent hard work that took him from a door-to-door salesman during his student years, to the only person to have built two Fortune 500 companies in different industries; and Edye’s fledgling love of art as a young woman, that has led to one of the most important collections of post-war and contemporary works in the entire world. The B-roads...