“Don McCullin”

Don McCullin exhibited at Marrakech’s Museum for Photography and Visual Arts

Marrakech, 3 April 2014, Art Media Agency (AMA). An exhibtion of photojournalism is to open on 15 April, at Marrakech’s Museum for Photography and Visual Arts, and is to feature works by celebrated British photographer Don McCullin. The exhibition presents renowned war photographers most well-known works, forming a close link with the museum’s existing collection. Featured subjects are to include images of conflict in Vietnam, Palestine and Northern Island, as well as images of British county Somerset, where the artist currently lives. Also to be exhibited are images of Morocco, taken by McCullin during a trip in 2010. The exhibition is to be the third to be held in the museum’s temporary exhibition space, located in the Badi Palace. A permanent museum, designed by architect David Chipperfield, is to open in...

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Don McCullin’s work being Presented at two London Museums Simultaneously

London, 22 February 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA). London photographer Don McCullin is having his work simultaneously exhibited at the Tate Britain (until 4 March) and the Imperial War Museum (until 15 April 2012). The Tate Britain, which constitutes part of the Tate Gallery, is putting together a small exhibition of about fifty black and white works of art, showing mostly photographs which capture the construction of the Berlin Wall in 1961, the homeless occupying East London in the 70s— depicting the harsh reality of post-war life, as wall as  the countryside of Somerset, the county in which McCullin’s currently resides. The British photographer is known for his black and white photographs depicting countrysides and city life.  His prominent themes are world misery and war —  Vietnam, Cambodia, Biafra, Bangladesh, and the Middle East.  The Imperial War Museum in London will be showing for the first time the largest exhibition ever created on McCullin’s works, “Shaped by War.”  In addition to his photographs, the museum will be exhibiting interviews, magazines, and the artist’s memories. Donald McCullin (1935) was born in an impoverished London neighborhood.  At fourteen, following the death of his father, he was forces to work in order to help provide money for his family.  While travelling during in his military service with Royal Air Force, McCullin discovered the art of photography.  He was hired in 1966 by the Sunday Times in London, where he covered the famine in Bihar, India, the Cambodian-Vietnamese War, the Six-Day war in Israel, as well as other world conflicts — Beyrouth, Congo, Salvador.  He presented his first big exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London in 1980.  Presently, he shoots photographs of landscapes, still-lifes, and commissioned portraits.  Throughout his career, McCullin has acquired several awards and accomplishments, such as the World Press Photo (1964),...

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Saatchi Celebrates 50th birthday of the Sunday Times

London, 8 February 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA). The famous Saatchi gallery is currently celebrating the 50th anniversary of The Sunday Times Magazine with an exhibition. The exhibition will feature the works of prestigious photographers, all of whom have worked for the magazine, and is taking place between 31 January and 19 February this year. Works by Don McCullin, David Bailey, Ève Arnold, Sam Taylor-Wood and many others are to be exhibited at the Saatchi’s premises in Central London. The contribution of writers such as Ian Fleming, Martin Amis and James Fox to the magazine will also be acknowledged and celebrated at the exhibition. Charles Saatchi opened his eponymous gallery in 1985, with the intention of giving the public access to his personal collection. The gallery’s style of exhibition has changed over the years. At first the gallery was primarily interested in minimalist American artists, then later began to focus its attention on the emerging Young British Artists, such as Damien Hirst, before again focusing on contemporary American art. In 2008, an exhibition of contemporary Chinese art saw the inauguration of the gallery’s new premises in Chelsea at the Duke of York’s...

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