“David Goldblatt”

David Goldblatt at the Goodman Gallery Cape Town

Until 6 December 2014, the Goodman Gallery Cape Town is to display the exhibition “Structures of Dominion and Democracy” by photographer David Goldblatt. The exhibition is to display major works from the Structures series, which Nobel Laureate Nadine Gordimer described as, “an extraordinary visual history of a country and its people.” Goldblatt has travelled South Africa for over 30 years documenting sites weighted with historical narrative; the exhibition in question focuses on the period after the fall of apartheid. Goldblatt commented that: “I’m mainly showing Democracy. And the reason for this is that people here are familiar with Baaskap and the period of apartheid, but they are not very familiar with looking at what is emerging now.” David Goldblatt was born in South Africa in 1930, founding the Market Photography Workshop in Johannesburg in 1989. In 1998 he was the first South African to be given a one-person exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New...

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Marian Goodman Gallery exhibits David Goldblatt

From 6 September to the 18 October 2014, Marian Goodman Gallery in Paris, will be hosting an exhibition dedicated to photographer David Goldblatt. Born in South Africa, Goldblatt photographs landscapes in his native country with particular focus on the history of this region. Born in 1930, the artist followed the social and political evolution in South Africa, from the apartheid to the end of segregation, presenting an intimate view of local daily life. His work has been exhibited in some of the most prestigious galleries in London, Melbourne, Sydney, New York, Lisbon, Madrid and Paris. In 2009 he received the Henri-Cartier-Bresson award – a prize that encourages and aids photographic...

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Contemporary African art under the spotlight: Interview with Ross Douglas, founder of Artlogic

Joburg, 30 August 203, Art Media Agency (AMA). Founded in 2004 by Ross Douglas, Artlogic is a Joburg-based events company responsible for producing the FNB Joburg Art Fair, an annual contemporary art fair which was the first of its kind in Africa. Now its its sixth year, the fair is one of the world’s premier forums for contemporary South African art. Art Media Agency spoke to Douglas to find out more about the work of artists and gallerists in the region, and to gain an insight into Artlogic’s work. What’s your background? What inspired you to found Artlogic? My background is mainly in television. I was working in tv before I started Artlogic, mainly for documentaries and a little bit in the commercial field, and I put together a project with the artist William Kentridge who had been working a lot with film and video. I had quite a lot of film experience and William Kentridge had made these animated films that had never been projected or seen on video screen, so I initiated a project which was quite successful, which travelled to Brooklyn and Berlin and London. That is what got me into the art sponsorship model, and I really founded Artlogic from the back of that. How has your work, and the art market, changed since Artlogic began in 2004? I think we’ve been quite lucky in that, when we first started the Art Fair, our intention was to make the first African contemporary art fair at a time when there wasn’t much faith in African contemporary art – there wasn’t really a belief that African contemporary art even existed. We started work on the Fair 7 years ago, a year before our first Fair, and, when we started to speak to people about doing the first art fair in...

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David Goldblatt portraits at Goodman Gallery

Le Cap, 24 October 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA). Goodman Gallery will soon display a retrospective dedicated to South African photographer, David Goldblatt, from 29 October to 10 December 2011. The exhibition entitled “Portraits”, will present a panorama spanning fifty years of the artist’s career, who depicted numerous official figures of his country. Several shots, from the 60s, 70s and 80s, have not yet been presented to the public. Another section of the exhibition will be dedicated to the series “Ex-Offenders”, where the artist asked criminals to represent the scene of the crime they were accused of. The artist chose to name the series “Ex-Offenders” as this procedure was difficult for the people involved who tried to return to the folds of law. David Goldblatt, born in 1930 in Randfontein (north of South Africa), has been preoccupied with photography since 1960. He sums up his work and portrait philosophy in two statements. The first comes from Bill Brandt: “a good portrait must present elements from someone’s past and future.” The second belongs to Evelyn Hofer: “In reality, us, photographers always take pictures of ourselves through others”. Goldblatt is renowned worldwide; famous institutions such as MoMA, New Museum of New York, and Henri-Cartier Bresson Foundation in Paris have exhibited the artist’s shots in their...

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