“Daniel Templon”

Galerie Templon celebrates its 50th birthday

Galerie Daniel Templon is celebrating its 50th year in 2016. An opportunity to go over half a century of contemporary art in France and worldwide. Since its creation in 1966 in an antique-dealer’s cellar in Saint Germain-des-Prés, this gallery has earned a name for itself as a bridge between France and different artistic scenes worldwide. Over its 50 years, the gallery has organised over 500 exhibitions with nearly 300 artists, crossing half a century of contemporary art. The gallery became known thanks to its collaboration with avant-garde French artists such as Michel Journiac, Martin Barré, Christian Boltanski and Ben. It was also responsible for presenting to the French public, for the first time, international artists like Joseph Kosuth, Art Language, Donald Judd, Elsworth Kelly, Frank Stella, Richard Serra, Dan Flavin as well as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. For its 50th birthday, the gallery is offering a programme in line with its philosophy, consisting in developing a dialogue between historic and established artists. The gallery is preparing its contribution to Art Basel as well as its first participation in the Biennale des Antiquaires, where it will be presenting an exhibition on the year 1966 in art. In addition, on 28 May, the book Daniel Templon, une histoire d’art contemporain, published by Flammarion, is being released, and in September 2016, the gallery will be publishing a birthday catalogue retracing all of its exhibitions since...

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Galleries celebrate milestone anniversaries during the Art Paris Art Fair 2016

The year 2016 marks the milestone anniversaries of three galleries that are presenting at the Art Paris Art Fair. Founded in 1966 in Paris, Galerie Daniel Templon has gained recognition by exhibiting many artists who have since become part of art history. To commemorate its 50th anniversary, it will be hosting solo exhibitions of the artists who have contributed to its success throughout the rest of the year and will publish an anniversary catalogue in October. At the Fair, one can see a combination of both old timers and new joiners to the gallery’s 50-year old legacy.  On the outside walls, the gallery pays homage to the late Jules Olitski and the late Anthony Caro.  There are pieces of Cesar and Arman who have been important artists in the gallery’s history, as well as Jim Dine’s abstract paintings and two new large scale paintings by Gerard Grouste. The gallery also exhibits Chiharu Shiota, Atul Dodiya, Pierre Et Gilles, and Oda Jaune. J.P. Ritsch-Fisch Galerie opened its doors to represent art brut 20 years ago when there were no other galleries specialized in this genre in France.  Ritsch-Fisch recalls, “When I saw my first piece of art brut, I did not even know what it was, but I was drawn to it immediately for its intensity, expressiveness and ability to paint the inner struggle.  Then I started researching, meeting the artists and collecting their works with a determination to be the top Art Brut gallerist someday.”  Today, J.P. Ritsch-Fisch Galerie is recognized as one of the leading art brut gallery in the world that offers art works with definite line of quality and intensity.  For Art Paris Art Fair 2016, he spent two years researching and obtaining difficult-to-find works such as a sculpture by Judith Scott, A.C.M. and Hervé Bohnert...

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Ben about Ben: Interview with the artist Ben

Nice, 14 January 2014, Art Media Agency (AMA). “I am going to answer all your questions, even the most indiscreet.” And thus begins the interview with French artist Benjamin Vautier, who goes by the pseudonym Ben. This major player on the French art scene is known for his provocative, calligraphic aphorisms. A man of words, he spoke to AMA about his latest work, including the exhibition “Ben sur Ben” (Ben about Ben) at Marlborough gallery in Monaco, on display until 31 January. He also happily discussed his theories on ego, contemporary art, his link with the group Fluxus, the Fondation du Doute in Blois, and his many different projects. Could you introduce your current exhibition at Marlborough in Monaco? I will tell the story behind the exhibition: when I was asked to do this show, I went to visit the space. I told myself that I was going to wreak havoc in it, with different parts left and right. Then I realised that I was a man of order. I didn’t manage to create any chaos – although I would have liked to surprise the viewer with an element of disorder in the middle of the exhibition space, I also felt that people like order. So what did I do? There is a small room with clothes in, named “Ben le styliste” (Ben the stylist). I have certain desires – here, I had a desire to be a dressmaker. I did a series of clothes with writing above, which I had never shown before. Next, there is a wall, “Ben photographe” (Ben the photographer) with a series of photos. Afterwards, a slightly pretentious wall entitled “Ben historique” (Ben the history). You know, there was a period of my life where I was friends with Yves Klein and Arman. At...

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French Cultural Institutions at the Heart of Globalisation

Paris, 8 August 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA). France’s international art market Based in Paris, Art Media Agency has the privilleged position of being close to some of the city’s most prominent and exciting museums and galleries. It is the posters for these institutions which line the walls of the metro on our way to work, and we are constantly reminded of the city’s diverse and continually evolving art scene. Yet our work focuses on the art world as a very international entity – an outlook which galleries and collectors are increasingly beginning to echo. It is not out of the ordinary for collectors nowadays to travel across the world to galleries and auction houses, and the development of online bidding allows buyers to participate in auctions taking place in countries hundreds of miles away from their own. A recent explosion in the number of annual art fairs further encourages gallerists, collectors and art enthusiasts to look beyond the art of their home towns. Partnerships between galleries based in different countries contribute to a rich culture of artistic exchange – particularly significant for developing arts scenes such as those in the Middle East, or in rapidly expanding markets such as that in China. So, whilst the notion of a ’local’ arts scene continues to exist, it is both valuable and enriching for those interested in art to have a more global outlook. Art Media Agency looked at its local galleries, considering the French institutions who move from away from their home to take exhibitions across the world. Exporting the gallery, or French galleries go on holiday too As Parisian’s leave the city to escape August’s overpowering heatwave (la canicule), it seems many of them follow in the footsteps of the city’s art institutions, which are gradually moving from Paris...

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The art of provocation: details of German artist Jonathan Meese’s court case

Kassel, 23 July 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA). According to an article published in Journal des Arts, German artist Jonathan Meese must appear before a court for having performed a Nazi salute during a recent performance. Messe, who produces paintings, drawings, sculptures, performances and video works, is currently considered to be one of Germany’s most promising contemporary artists. His recent performance took the form of a one-man show, centred upon artistic representations of dictators, and was intended to be simultaneously provocative and humorous. It became controversial when the artist, unexpectedly, performed a Nazi salute, whilst dressed in an outfit featuring a swastika and other Nazi symbols. The salute has been prohibited in Germany since the fall of the Third Reich, and those who perform it risk a substantial fine or prison sentence. Meese has refused to apologise for the act, requesting that authorities recognise the difference between artist’s performances and their private lives. Messe has previously exhibited at Daniel Templon (2011) and Thaddaeus Ropac (2008)....

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