“conceptual art”

Focus on Yves Klein in the UK

From 20 October to 5 March 2017, the exhibition “Yves Klein” comprising around 30 works by the French artist at the Tate Liverpool is a much anticipated event, for his work has not been the object of any large-scale exhibition in Britain for 20 years. Apart from his many influences on minimalism, conceptual art and performance — with his “living paintbrushes” for his “Anthropométries” series —, Klein is also significant for his alchemical research with colour dealer Édouard Adam, which yielded, at the artist’s request, the pigment known by the name of International Klein Blue...

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The Paper Act: a cut above the rest

Paris, 30 September 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA). Paris’s Infirmières Galerie is hosting an ongoing, original concept art work, entitled Paper Act – a display which first opened at the start of the year. Paper Act directly implicates visitors to the gallery into the process of creation. Viewers are invited to select and cut pieces from enormous art works, with their chosen segment then being numbered and signed. The creators of the idea, which has been filed with the National Institute of Intellectual Property, hope to take the Paper Act to a number of other galleries, to contemporary art fairs, and even businesses. The concept has already appeared at Fracne’s Lille Art Fair, and Mia Encore in Miami, and at New York’s Affordable Art Fair....

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Kewenig moves to Berlin

Berlin, 25 September 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA). On 21 September 2013,  Kewenig gallery opened its new Berlin address with an exhibition of works Christian Boltanski entitled “Grosse Hamburger Strasse”. After more that 25 years in the Rhineland, the gallery is moving to a town house, dating from 1688, specially renovated to be used as a gallery, whilst retaining its original features. Meanwhile, the gallery is using a warehouse in Berlin-Moabit to house some of the archives of Boltanski which, until recently, were only available in the city of Malakoff, near Paris. University researchers are granted access to the site. The gallery was founded in 1986 by Julie and Michael Kewenig. Their program includes conceptual art, minimal art, Arte Povera and contemporary...

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Abraham Cruzvillegas at the Walker Art Center

Minneapolis, 17 September 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA). The Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, is currently presenting “The Autoconstrucción Suites”, dedicated to the work of Abraham Cruzvillegas – one of the most important conceptual artists of his generation. The show is to run until 22 September 2013, The exhibition is primarily composed of installations, produced using objects which symbolise urban life, with the artist seeking to make allusions to his native town in the South of Mexico. The “self-construction” which appears in the title is a reference to Mexican politics and economics, suggesting an ever-changing structure, or a project which is never finished. “The Autoconstrucción Suites” features around 35 sculptures, installations and video pieces, and is the first major exhibition to focus upon Cruzvillegas and his unique...

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Mehmet Ali Uysal dismantles the concept of the “white cube”

Istanbul, 12 September 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA). Mehmet Ali Uysal is to present his third exhibition at the Pi Artworks gallery in Istanbul. Entitled “Painting” the show is the chance for viewers to discover works by the artist which, at first glance, appear hidden. The artist plays with the concept of presence and absence, playing on the perspective of the viewer looking at the gallery wall. The artist dismantles the idea of space and the notion of a “white cube”, i.e. the gallery, hiding his works in the plaster of the walls in a manner which forces viewers to discover them gradually. Inside the gallery, the artist also examines his personal creative process, by reconstructing the space of the gallery. Mehmet alters the conceptual power of the white cube – the gallery space – questioning the power of galleries and the art market; by emphasising the structure of the white cube, the artist is, paradoxically, able to deconstruct...

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