Aspen Antiques and Fine Arts Fair

From 2 until 7 July 2015 Aspen Antiques and Fine Arts Fair is to return for its 12th edition. The fair, which takes place annually, is to be held at the Aspen Ice Garden in Aspen, Colorado, United States. For the duration of the fair the small mountain town of Aspen will host not only a commercial fair but also a range of other events, welcoming collectors and art lovers from around the world. Within the 16,000-sqaure-foot space dealers will showcase fine art, antiques, furniture, silver, and jewellery. Of the close to 30 exhibitors taking part in the fair, the majority hail from the United States, however one London-based gallery (Jess Davis Antiquities) will be present at the fair, whilst another is travelling from as far as Tanzania (Kip McKesson African Art). As in previous years, the fair is to support a local charity, with Shining Stars Foundation, which supports terminally ill children, selected as this year’s charity of...

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Christo project Over the River gets the green light

A judge in the federal courts has given the green light for a project by Christo and Jeanne-Claude which consists of stretching out more than nine kilometres of material over the Arkansas river in Colorado, between Cañon City and Salida. Although local activists opposed the project, the judge stated that local government officers were respecting environmental laws in allowing the project to go ahead. The community organisation Rags Over the Arkansas River (ROAR), began the trial against Christo in 2012, aiming to prevent the installation due to concerns that it would damage local wildlife, posing a threat to fish and sheep. Comprising nine kilometres of panels suspended in eight sections over a 65-kilometre-long section of the river, the installation will be ‘in situ’ for a period of two weeks in August. Christo and his late spouse and partner Jeanne-Claude conceived the piece in the 1990s and selected the Arkansas river after having explored 89 other potential sites in seven states. Christo has said that he expects the project to take three whole years to become a reality, meaning that it will be completed in 2018 at the earliest. He was pleased with the tribunal’s decision and stated: “The legal process of the piece is still unresolved, but today we have made a very important step in the completion of Over the River.” Although the decision may be against the wishes of ROAR, the group has declared themselves unwilling to abandon their fight. In many of their works, Christo uses canvas, cables and metallic structures to create temporary works which last on average two weeks. Their art consists of the ‘packaging’ of places, buildings, monuments, parks and landscapes. Some of their pioneering works come near Land Art in their size, or more generally, in their creation outside of traditional spaces such as...

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The Aspen Art Museum receives a $2.5m donation

Aspen, 17 December 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA). The Aspen Art Museum has recently announced that Nancy and Bob Magoon made a donation of $2.5m to the benefit of the institution. This sum adds up with $500,000 offered previously by the couple for the construction of the museum’s new building. Bob and Nancy Magoon are part of the National Council of the Aspen Art Museum; Mrs Magoon chaired the board of trustees from 2006 to 2009, and still is still serving the board. During her tenure, the museum started a new campaign in order to gather a total of $60m. The couple admitted to be very happy to participate in the development of the cultural institution in Aspen (Colorado). It was a crucial moment for a donation, for  Aspen Art Musem enlarged physically, gaining importance and recognition on the international contemporary art scene. Heidi Zuckerman Jacobson, Director and Head Curator, is honoured by  this “wonderful gift”. Following the aim of expansion and art and culture development, $40m were gathered in order to fund the construction of a new building, designed by Japanese architect Shigeru Ban.    ...

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BLOCK, PILLAR, SLAB, BEAM at the Aspen Art Museum in Colorado

Denver, 14 November 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA). A new exhibition reuniting four artists from across Latin America – Jorge Méndez Blake, Alexandre da Cunha, Amalia Pica, and Gabriel Sierra – present BLOCK, PILLAR, SLAB, BEAM at the Aspen Art Museum in Colorado, United States from 14 December to 20 January 2013. The reception day will take place on Thursday 13 December starting from 5 pm and will comprise a walkthrough with AAM Adjunct Curator Matthew Thompson as well as a gallery conversation with artists Morgan Fisher and AAM Curator Jacob Proctor. Latin American artists have always been interested in the individual-environment relationship since Latin America embraces some of the world’s largest urban centres and rapidly growing economies. Therefore, these artists undertake a playful approach to physical and cultural materials as well as building works to recall everyday life objects. Some artists such as Gabriel Orozco, Francis Alÿs and Doris Salcedo had already approached this theme and a younger generation, the one of this exhibition, is devoted to the creation of a kind of Arte Povera based on pre and post consumption. Basically, through finding objects and building elements, the artists suggest complex social realities along with a life cycle of materials. They “use materiality to critically reflect on the human condition”.      ...

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Re-opening of Blue Pig Gallery in Colorado

Palisade, 15 November 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA). After being restored for two months, Blue Pig Gallery opened on 8 November at a new exhibition space but in the same street at Palisade, Colorado. The only private gallery in the Grand Valley in Palisade moved to a bigger and more modern location in order to display more artists as well as to create artists’ studios rented for the symbolic sum of $100 per month. Since its opening, the new space has hosted about fifty artists’ works of different supports, including two-dimensional and three-dimensional works, sculptures, paintings, drawings, ceramics, glassware, silk trades etc. Blue Pig Gallery’s mission has always been to increase and broaden its politics, in particular the support of artists as well as that of art...

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