“Claude Lemand”

Art and Heart at Art Paris Art Fair

Among all of the gallery booths, award giving, and collecting going on at the Art Paris Art Fair, there is a humanitarian project catching the eye of the visitors. Gallerist Claude Lemand proposes to raise funds to build up to five schools in Lebanon for the Syrian children who have found refuge there. According to Lemand, about half of the 400,000 Syrian refugee children in Lebanon do not have the opportunity to go to school. In partnership with Art Paris Art Fair, he would like to change that. If you have the chance to visit the fair this week, you will be able to find Galerie Claude Lemand. Furthermore, make sure to visit the north and south end walls of the Grand Palais. On these walls, we see the works  Lemand and the artists have selected to sell in order to raise sufficient funds for these schools. The highlighted artists include Shafic Abboud, Youssef Abdelke, Etel Adnan, Mahjoub Ben Bella, Mahi Binebine, Manabu Kochi, Najia Mehadji, Antonio Segui and Vladimir Velickovic. Lemand explains the plan with precision, stating that “it is especially these ten artists from the gallery who have offered an important artwork. My goal is to generate enough money to guarantee the financing of these schools for one whole year.” Beyond the sales of these special artworks, Lemand points out that he has also organized a way for the public to donate to the cause with the collaboration of the Collectif de Développement et Secours Syrien, or CODSSY. The tax-deductible donations can be made online, and although they are separate from the actual sales of the artworks, they too help finance these future...

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