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Christopher Wool is what one might call a phenomenon; he produces little work, rarely expresses himself and his work began to change hands for tens of millions of dollars at a relatively early stage in his career. We take a look at his 350 million dollar portfolio. Graffiti on a white van; legend has it that Christopher Wool’s famous word paintings were inspired by graffiti on a white van, with the simple words ‘sex luv’. In 2012, 20 years after its creation, Phillips sold the mother of all wall paintings for a hammer price of 3.5 million dollars. Christopher Wool is one of those rare artists to have had various strokes of luck. Born in Boston in 1955, he grew up in Chicago in middle class family. In 1973, at the age of 18, he moved to New York to study art at the New York Studio School under the supervision of Harry Krame and Jack Tworkov, before swiftly abandoning the course to make the most of what the Big Apple had to offer. During the early 80’s he made the most of this newfound freedom by working from time to time in the studio of artist Joel Shapiro. It was during this time that he developed his most popular series; from his famous word paintings and flowers to his patterns and eagles series. A contemporary of Basquiat, he was one of the first artists to integrate graffiti and street art techniques (spray paint, stencils, rollers) into work on canvas. Above all, Wool is an artist who takes an avant-garde approach to painting, whilst everyone else is preoccupied with finding new media. In just 10 years, he has firmly established his position in the market. Star exhibitionist Christopher Wool has already been the subject of numerous exhibitions; no less...

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American artists in vogue on the contemporary-art market

The Artprice report reveals the names of the four best-rated artists from last year, based on an analysis spanning between July 2015 and June 2016. Four American artists are at the top of the ranking, generating 19 % of global sales. Top position goes to Jean-Michel Basquiat, for whom sales totalled $139.4 million, with a world record of $57.3 million set by a 1982 work. Basquiat is followed by Christopher Wool at $84 million, Jeff Koons at $58.5 million, and Richard Prince, coming in at $55.8 million. This new report, highlighting the importance of national markets, reveals that 99 American artists and 187 Chinese artists are in the Top 500...

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Global contemporary-art auction sales drop by one quarter, says Artprice

Since 2000, the spectacular growth of auction sales for contemporary art (1,370 %) “has undergone a healthy adjustment period, as necessary as it is foreseeable,” Artprice CEO Thierry Ehrmann commented to AFP. Since 2000, the average yearly yield has been 4.9 % since 2000, and 9 % for works with purchase prices upward of $20,000. But between July 2015 and July 2016, the turnover for contemporary-art auction sales dropped to $1.5 billion, according to the latest Artprice report. The strong decline in sales is due to new uneasiness from China (- 47 %), showing a preference for modern art over contemporary. Five stars remain nonetheless: Jean-Michel Basquiat (sales of $139.4 million over the period), Christopher Wool ($84 million), Jeff Koons ($58.5 million), Richard Prince ($55.8 million) and Peter Doig ($44.6 million). Contemporary art represents 12 % of global art-auction results, dominated by sales in the United States (38 % of contemporary-art sales), then the United Kingdom (26 %) and China (24 %). France is far behind, with sales estimated at $41.4...

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Elizabeth Dee’s huge new New York space

New York gallerist Elizabeth Dee is presenting, from 29 October to 17 Deceber, “Every Future Has a Price: 30 Years after Infotainment”, an exhibition on art in the mass media, magazines and advertising. This iconic neo-Pop exhibition was originally set up 30 years ago by Anne Livet and artist Alan Belcher, as well as Peter Nagy, and travelled between 1985 and 1987 to the Texas Gallery in Houston, the Rhona Hoffman Gallery in Chicago, and the Aspen Art Museum, as well as Europe. The new version will feature 19 artists from the original exhibition, as well as works by Richard Prince, Cindy Sherman, Guerilla Girls and Christopher Wool. This exhibition marks a new direction for the Elizabeth Dee Gallery, which on 24 September, will be opening another space in Harlem, three times larger than the Chelsea one. The event is part of the gallery’s new projects, namely consisting...

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Luhring Augustine exhibits Christopher Wool

Until 15 August 2015, the Luhring Augustine Gallery holds an exhibition for Christopher Wool in its exhibition space in Bushwick (New York). The gallery is currently presenting the new paintings and sculptures by the American artist. It is not their first collaboration together: Luhring Augustine has exhibited the works of the artist since 1987. In all, the works of Christopher Wool have been the subject of nearly twenty exhibitions at the New York gallery. The recent schedule of the artist is rich with his works being presented within two major events. Until 4 October, the Galleria d’Arte Moderna of Milan stages ‘Don’t shoot the painter. Paintings from UBS Art Collection”. Christopher Wool will be exposed alongside Basquiat, Gursky and Damien Hirst. The works of the artists will additionally be visible in the exhibition “Zabludowicz Collection: 20 Years”, held in London until 16...

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