A solar sculpture of Deedee Morrison in Tennessee

Chattanooga, 7 March 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA). The town of Chattanooga, Tennessee, has set up a sculpture by Deedee Morrison in its Renaissance Park “Seed-pod”. Made of laser-cut recycled industrial aluminium cut, the sculpture is connected to a solar panel. It lights up at nightfall, using the energy stored by the panel during daytime. Shaped like a book whose top is circular, the sculpture displays on its “pages” stylised engravings representing barely sprouted seed, based on illustrations by the German biologist Ernst Haeckel. This monumental sculpture only consumes the equivalent of a 110-watt incandescent bulb. The sculptor Deedee Morrison specialised in this kind of luminous sculpture using solar energy. Drawing her inspiration from various aesthetics ― oriental, geometrical and even like in Chattanooga, organic ― she multiplies public commissions which appear in the urban landscape of Canton (Michigan), New Orleans (Louisiana), Key West (Florida), and Grand Junction (Colorado). Chattanooga, fourth largest town of Tennessee in terms of population, is known for being among the pioneer towns in terms of environmental protection awareness and the fight against industrial...

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