“Centre Pompidou”

Adieu to artist Shirley Jaffe

On 29 September, American artist Shirley Jaffe, born in New Jersey in 1923 and based in France for over 60 years, died at the age of 93 years, in Louveciennes. Jaffe graduated from the Cooper Union in New York, and studied fine arts at the Phillips Art School in Washington, D.C., before moving to France in 1949. She was influenced by abstract expressionism and later adopted a more geometrical style. Revelation came to her after a trip to Berlin in the 1960s. For the Nathalie Obadia gallery which has represented her since 1999, she was “considered as one of the most influential painters in contemporary abstract art”, having managed to capture “the attention of younger generations such as Jessica Stockholder and Bernard Piffaretti”. Jaffe’s works are found in the permanent collections of a number of renowned institutions such as the MoMA, the Albright-Knox Art Gallery and the Centre...

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Tajan ArtStudio presents San Francisco artists

From 20 to 28 October, parallel to the FIAC, Tajan ArtStudio will be presenting a major exhibition called “Over the Golden Gate, 1960-1990”, gathering major artists based in San Francisco and its surroundings over this period. This exhibition is an extension of the Centre Pompidou’s event on the Beat Generation, hence increasing the American movement’s visibility in France and Europe. Tajan ArtStudio will thus be showing, in its space on Rue des Mathurins in Paris, artists including Robert Arneson, Joan Brown, Bruce Conner, Roy Deforest, Peter Saul, Wayne Thiebaud and William T....

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250 Russian works gathered by the Vladimir Potanin Foundation at the Centre Pompidou

More than 250 contemporary Soviet and Russian works will be on display at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, starting from 14 September. The French National Museum of Modern Art has gained the opportunity to show the works thanks to the generosity of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation, collectors, artists and their families, especially Ekaterina and Vladimir Semenikhin and the Tsukanov Family Foundation. This set of works by major artists offers a panorama — with no pretentions of exhaustiveness — of some forty years of contemporary art in the USSR, then Russia, crossing the main movements encountered. “Through its size, this donation is an exceptional event for the Centre Pompidou collection. It offers a unique supplement to the extraordinary set of Russian and Soviet artists, which the National Museum of Modern Art conserves. It is a reminder that at every moment of Russian history, art continued to metamorphose whatever the historical changes,” declared Serges Lasvignes, President of the Centre...

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Museum (Science) Fictions at the Centre Pompidou

The Centre Pompidou will be hosting, from 18 to 23 May, an exhibition called “Museum (Science) Fictions” in the fourth-floor Espace Prospectif, curated by Elena Sorokina. The project is supported by the Galleria Continua, the Czech Centre in Paris, the Galerie Filomena Soares, the Galerie Iragui, the Polish Institute in Paris, and also the Galerie Jocelyn Wolff. Exploring the universe of science fiction, this project offers to present the classic and historic texts of the genre, namely early Russian science fiction, before analysing the contemporary reach of utopian and dystopian worlds. Between science and metaphysics, the exhibition will place scientific museum discourse in dialogue with speculative fiction from SF authors, and will invert the museographic perspective by focusing on the future rather than the past. The week-long event will offer a temporary display, choreographic contributions, performance-conferences, debates gathering artists and curators, music, and readings from SF works. The programme includes a conference on one page in the history of the Centre Pompidou: the Pavel Filonov exhibition in 1990, the first solo exhibition of works by this artist from the “organicist”...

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Festival Hors-Pistes at the Centre Pompidou

The 11th edition of the festival Hors-Pistes 2016 will be taking place from 22 April to 8 May at the Centre Pompidou and will be titled “L’art de la révolte” (The Art of the Revolt). The festival offers a programme of projections, conferences — including Gabriella Coleman speaking on the Anonymous movement —, an exhibition in Gallery 4 of the Centre Pompidou, a participatory library with “anarchives” on the revolt, workshops, performances and documentaries. The festival will pay homage to major figures in demonstrations and trace movements up to contemporary practices. The aim is also to explore and question the role of the new players in resistance such as whistle-blowers. Offering new takes on the film-tract, 13 artists will be presenting film-tracts according to the principle behind this medium, consisting in “contesting-suggesting-shocking-informing-questioning-stating-convincing-thinking-shouting-denouncing-cultivating”. Following the Occupy, Podemos and Arab Spring movements, the festival will look at citizen combats and their multiple representations on the contemporary artistic stage by delivering a map of pockets of resistance and prospects for their...

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