“Bourse de Commerce”

Cutlog 2011: extremely positive turn out

Paris, 26 October 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA). Cutlog can be proud of its third successful edition. This year, over 20,000 visitors filled the stands of the show which gathered 42 international galleries at Bourse du Commerce. Cutlog was sponsored by Minister of Culture and supported by the French capital. Arte/Cutlog Prize was awarded to two Rumanian artists; Cristian Bors and Marius Ritiu received a donation of €5,000 offered by ARTE. The two artists were represented by the Antwerp gallery Marion de Cannière. Their work No borders equals tolérance, a customised caravan, was exhibited in the forecourt of Bourse de Commerce. The second prize was awarded by the panel of judges to three artists: Mats Backer (Nathalie Béreau Gallery), Ronan Jim Sevellec (Antonine Catzfelis Gallery) and Wassim Ghozlani (Montparnasse Museum). The show particularly open to international artists, hosted for the first time a Swiss gallery (Alex Schlesinger), two Austrian galleries (Lisi Hammerle and Michaela Stock), as well as a Chinese gallery (Stage Back). Cutlog wishes to attract more foreign galleries in Paris. The drawn balance sheet is very positive in a financial look. Most galleries covered different charges with a medium sales figure of pieces between €300 – 9,000. The total sales figure approaches a million Euros. Cutlog would like to thank sponsors and partners: Minister of Culture and Communication, Paris City Hall, Pictet & Cie Bank, ARTE, Mercedes Benz, La Tribune, Forum des Halles and Artistik...

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