“Blinky Palermo”

Staring at walls at Staatlich Kunsthalle

Baden-Baden, 23 July 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA). Baden-Baden’s Staatliche Kunsthalle is currently hosting an exhibition titled “Was Hinter dem Putz Steckt,” or “For the Time Being: Hidden Behind Plaster,” which is to run until 27 October 2013. The show is to be followed by “For the Time Being: Wall Paintings – Painted Walls,” to run at Kunsthalle Bielefield between 4 August and 20 October 2013. Both exhibitions focus on the wall as an artistic medium, focusing on works produced since the 1960s, by artists who decided to escape the frames which bound traditional painted works. Once representing a rebellious mode of practice, temporary murals and installations have become an established component of contemporary art. The show examines the history of the wall in art, and features works by major artists including Sol LeWitt, Lawrence Weiner, Blinky Palermo and Richard Tuttle. Newly comissioned works by contemporary artists will be featured alongside works by established figures, with exhibits from Kay Rosen and Dan Perjovschi (Bielefield). For the exhibition in Baden-Baden, Franz Ackermann has created a new work, which will be shown alongisde Nedko Solakov’s ongoing piece “A (not so) White Cube” (2001-present), which contests the supposedly “ideal” surface of the white...

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First East Coast Blinky Palermo retrospective

Washington, 25 February 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA). The Hirshhorn Museum is presenting abstract artist Blinky Palermo’s first East Coast retrospective.  “Blinky Palermo: Retrospective 1964-1977” is running from 24 February to 15 May 2011. Blinky Palermo was born in 1943 and died in 1977 at the age of thirty-three.  The post-war artist is well established in Europe and influenced generations of American artists.  Like Yves Klein, Palermo is considered to have played an important role in the development of art during the twentieth century.  Although he lived in the United States for a long time, working with American abstract artists such as Brice Marden, Agnes Martin and Robert Ryman, Palermo never truly gained recognition in the United States. During his short but prolific career, Palermo contested the very foundations of painting.  He questioned classic materials, traditional formats, structure and the definition of an artwork.  Palermo was highly committed to the artistic scene of his time and drew inspiration from his teacher Joseph Beuys, his colleagues Sigmar Polke and Gerhard Richter as well as predecessors such as Marcel Broodthaers, Daniel Buren, Kasimir Malevitch and Barnett Newman. The exhibition includes seventy works, mostly personal and public German loans.  “Blinky Palermo: Retrospective 1964-1977” chronologically traces the artist’s influences and the evolution of his aesthetic, including examples from all his most important series: Objects (1964-1974), Stoffbilder [Cloth Pictures] (1966-1972), Documentation of site-specific wall drawings and paintings (1968-1973) and Metallbilder [Metal Pictures]...

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