“Beyond Limits”

“Lilas”, the Zaha Hadid pavilion, on sale at Sotheby’s

Created in 2007 for the Serpentine Gallery’s summer fair, Zaha Hadid’s “Lilas” pavilion is part of the 11th yearly “Beyond Limits” exhibition at Sotheby’s. The event focuses on outdoor sculptures from the modern and contemporary era, and is visible until 30 October in the historic gardens of Chatsworth House in Derbyshire – the former seat of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire. Apart from the pavilion, the exhibition offers 19 sculptures, namely by Cristina Iglesias, Bruce Munro, Erwin Wurm and Joana...

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Sotheby’s presents Xu Bing at Chatsworth House

From 8 September to 26 October 2o14, Sotheby’s is to present the monumental sculpture: Tao Hua Yuan: A Lost Village Utopia, by Chinese artist Xu Bing. The work is to be exhibited at Chatsworth’s Seahorse Fountain, which will be open to the public for the first time. For the ninth edition of Beyond Limits, Sotheby’s has chosen to exhibit the work of the celebrated multi-media artist. His work incorporates organic and artificial material, including natural rock formations, ceramics, exotic plants as well as mist effects. Xu Bing’s work is inspired by the Tao Hua yuan (Peach Blossom Spring) fable, written by Tao Quian in 421. The fable tells the story of a discovered utopia where people live in harmony with nature. Visitors will be able to walk around the sculpture and see the objects’ reflections in the fountain’s water, enabling the viewer to experience Chinese ink painting by way of a three-dimensional sensory experience....

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Sotheby’s announcing its annual exhibition

London, 20 July 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA). Auction house Sotheby’s London has announced the seventh edition of its annual exhibition “Beyond Limits” which will be putting up for sale monumental sculptures by artist Barry Flanagan from 7 September to 28 October 2012. For the first time, “Beyond Limits”, important event in the arts calendar, is displaying the works of a single artist. Alexander Platon, Senior Director of Sotheby’s and Head of Private Sales, Europe, stated in a press release on 20 July 2012: “It is especially exciting to be presenting these fundamentally British sculptures in this quintessentially British setting during the year of the Cultural Olympiad. The raised awareness of British art being promoted by a wonderful range of exhibitions across the country throughout 2012 creates a perfect opportunity to showcase some of Barry Flanagan’s beloved late works.” “Beyond Limits” is the continuation of the “Barry Flanagan: Early Works 1965-1982” retrospective which ended in January 2012. Sotheby’s will be displaying a selection of monumental works by the artists including his bronze hares which will be installed throughout the gardens of the Chatsworth House, a country castle near Bakewell in...

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