“Beth Greenacre”

Beth Greenacre: A Sharing Journey with David Bowie

AMA is honoured to have talked to Beth Greenacre, the curator of David Bowie’s collection. This interview “gives us an insight into what an incredible mind David had, what a passion he had, and the phenomenal ways in which he saw the world”.   What is your background? I graduated from Courtauld in London in 1997 and started working as David Bowie’s curator in 2000. In 2005, I launched Rokeby which is a commercial contemporary gallery based in London working with emerging and mid-career artists. During all this time, I have worked with other private collectors as well, predominantly in the Modern British and Contemporary field.   How did you first meet David Bowie? And how did you start to work with him? David had started his collecting in mid-1990s. I first met David in 1999 through his previous curator, Kate Chertavian. She left the position in 2000.   How many collectors have you worked with so far during your career? What kind of collector would you describe David Bowie as? I have been very selective in working with collectors because of the in-depth and involved relationships I have with them and their collections. I spend a lot of time with them building and maintaining their collections. At the moment I work closely with five clients. David invested in his collection emotionally and intellectually; he completely immersed himself in a phenomenal way. It was almost like his full-time job, although he already had many full-time jobs! He was incredibly inquisitive and academic and did an awful lot of research; he had an amazing library of art books but also visited the artists where he could, spoke with curators, museum directors and visited galleries and institutions. He was definitely a hands-on, all-round collector – he tried to get into the...

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