“Bertrand Scholler”

Bertrand Scholler or the Bellechasse spirit

More than an address, 55Bellechasse is a unique place: Parisian but not excessively so, a place where talents from afar cross paths. A contemporary-art gallery whose founder, Bertrand Scholler, seeks to “rehumanise the art market”. In the 7th arronidssement in Paris, a district favoured by embassies, not far from the former Dames de Bellechasse convent, a gallery with a very contemporary slant is tucked away. Here, the master of the premises, Bertrand Scholler, has devoted himself, since February 2013, to “combining certain traditions from the art-dealing profession with an international and entrepreneurial vision of the issues shaking up this profession in the last decade or so”. The aim is ambitious, and demands a few explanations. An encounter with a man of art, a defender of new talents, and an artisan who weaves together exclusive stories. 55Bellechasse is a pretty address, but what else makes this gallery special? We must be the only gallery crazy enough to present artists who are unknown to the fair world. Generally, gallerists present works that come from the secondary market, confirmed names or else very commercial objects. This isn’t our case, and I think that this is where our singularity lies. This is a strategy which is also associated with long-term commitment, in favour of emerging artists whose signatures are still relatively unknown. I get these artists together twice a year, I re-explain to them the aim which is to work as a team. Niloufar Banisadr, Pascal Vochelet, Christiann Conradie, Vladimir Sulyagin… They’re all very different and in my mind, very complementary. The common denominator is that they’ve decided to dedicate their lives to art, wholly committing themselves, to such a point that they no doubt would be unable to do anything else. So is commitment the basis of the “Bellechasse” spirit? It’s true...

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