“Bernar Venet”

The International Sculpture Centre (ISC) attributes its Lifetime Achievement Award 2016 to Bernar Venet

French sculptor Bernar Venet received, on 29 February, the ISC Lifetime Achievement Award 2016 in recognition of his entire career. Residing in New York since 1966, Bernar Venet takes science as an artistic subject. In his Cardboard Reliefs and Coal Piles, he offers sculptures with no specific shapes. A retrospective on his work was held at the New York Cultural Centre in 1971, and he has taken part in major exhibitions including documenta 6 and the Biennales of Paris, Venice and Sao Paulo. In 1979, he began his Indeterminate Lines series. In 2011, he was guest artist at the Château de Versailles. His work is found in the collections of over 70 museums worldwide including the MoMA, the Guggenheim and the Centre Pompidou. Following in the footsteps of Louise Bourgeois, Sir Anthony Caro, Eduardo Chillida, Christo and Jeanne-Claude, Claes Oldenburg, Nam June Paik, Robert Rauschenberg and Frank Stella, Bernar Venet and Kiki Smith are the ISC’s 2016...

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A sculpture by Bernar Venet to be installed at the north of Union Square in New York

The sculpture Disorder: 9 Uneven Angles by French sculptor Bernar Venet is to take up a spot in Union Square, New York, in February according to Danielle Meyer, from the gallery Paul Kasmin that represents the artist. This sculpture, over seven metres high, comprises nine interwoven iron bars. Disorder is part of a recent series by the artist called Angles, starting in 2015. In this series, the artist pursues his exploration of austere angular forms that show the work of erosion as well as resistance. This is the second large sculpture to be welcomed by Union Square, following My Circle by Brooklyn Beverly Pepper, installed since October...

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An archetypal artist: Interview with Bernar Venet

Bernar Venet is one of the world’s greatest living artists. A celebrated painter, photographer, designer and sculptor, his imposing steel arcs can be seen in public spaces across the world, from New York to Shanghai. Despite this international standing, Le Muy — a small town in Southern France — is the location of the Fondation Bernar Venet, which is to officially open on 12 July 2014. Situated in the heart of Provence, near to Venet’s birthplace, a four-acre park accommodates the artist’s monumental sculptures, the landscape also punctuated by reminders of his life spent in the company of some of history’s most admired creators, including Sol LeWitt, Frank Stella, Donald Judd and Arman. Art Media Agency met Bernar Venet who, at 71, illuminated his incredible journey, through friendships, anecdotes and works of art. How did the foundation come into fruition? It began slowly, initially as just an idea in my head. It hadn’t yet formed when I first moved to Le Muy: at this point in time, all I really wanted was a place to store my things. As time went on, I wanted to improve my environment and my team, and the works in my collection. I felt it necessary to preserve this place, by creating a foundation, so that, when the time comes for me to leave my friends, this place won’t be sold in order to pay taxes. You seem inspired by Donald Judd and his foundation in Texas. Yes, I was really lucky with Donald Judd. I met him in 1967, a year after discovering his work in an exhibition on Minimal art. He still lives on Park Avenue and 18th Street and is still collecting. On the walls of his apartment, there were two enormous Frank Stella works, and I thought that was amazing. Personally, I...

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Bernar Venet at the Art Plural Gallery, Singapore

Singapore, 29 October 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA). The Art Plural Gallery in Singapore is welcoming till 24 November 2012 a solo exhibition of artist Bernar Venet. Bernar Venet has always “explored the notions of indetermination, disorder, chance and unpredictability”. The gallery’s press release mentions for this exhibition Bernar Venet is presenting new sculptures from his series Grib, an extension of Indeterminate Lines, creations he developed between 1979 and 1983. Tougher, but more accessible than previous works, his creations, sort of graffitis, are made out of 35mm hand-cut steel plates. The other major pieces of the exhibition are: a selection a paintings representing mathematic equations, realised on plastic: “a perfect synthesis of art and mathematics”. Saturations and Shaped Canvases include as well mathematic formulas as the origin of their total...

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Bernar Venet exhibits in Singapore

Singapore,  18 September 2012. Art Media Agency (AMA). The Art Pluriel Gallery announces the first solo exhibition of famous French artist Bernar Venet in Singapore. The exhibition will take place from 26 September to 24 November 2012. French artist Bernar Venet explores the notions of undetermination, disorder, chance and unpredictability. For this exhibition, he will show new sculpted reliefs of his “Grib” series, an extension of lines made of unknown wood, elaborated between 1979 and 1983. The works included in this exhibition have been made out of 35 mm steel plates and hand-cut. This technique makes these unpredictable “scrabbles” a bit rougher, but more accessible. Another main strength of the exhibition is a selection of paintings representing mathematical equations made of plastic, in free forms. This is a perfect synthesis of art and mathematics. Carrying his painting process far beyond conventional limits, Venet adds layer over layer and uses colours in order to evidence the chromatic contrast with the gallery’s white walls. Colour is here to make the numbers stand out on the wall. Bernar Venet is a French plasticist artist born in 1941 and living in the United States. His new sculptures Lignes indéterminées (Undetermined ligns) announce a new orientation for his wok, underlining his sympathy for disorder, complexity and undetermination. Before Singapore, they have been exhibited in Park Avenue, New York, in Shanghai and in the gardens of Versailles (2011)....

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