“Benaki Museum”

Tony Cragg on show at Benaki Museum, Athens

From 10 September until 8 November 2015, the Benaki Museum in Athens, Greece, is hosting the solo exhibition of sculptor Tony Cragg, supported by Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac. Tony Cragg’s recent works, created from wood, stone, stainless steel and bronze, are abstracted human figures. The themes of compression and expansion are evident in his human profiles, which are futuristic and divided into quadrants. Human portraiture is translated into four differentiated surfaces conjoined by an imaginary spine. Wooden forms are spliced together with jagged and curved forms, while his bronze and stainless steel pieces have molten characteristics. Tony Cragg was born in Liverpool, England in 1949. A graduate from the Wimbledon School of Art and the Royal College of Art, Cragg has selected wood, bronze, stainless steel and stone as his primary mediums. Initially an installation artist, Cragg slowly moved onto individual pieces with experimental materials. The Benaki Museum was established in 1930 in downtown Athens, and houses prehistoric to modern day artworks, as well as an extensive Asian Art...

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Edy Ferguson settling in at Benaki Museum

Athens, 30 May 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA). American multisupport artist Edy Ferguson is in pride of place at the Benaki museum, in Athens, which will dedicate a retrospective to her entitled “Selected Works 1993 – Present” from 1 June to 29 July 2012. Born in the United States and working in New York, London and Athens, Edy Ferguson explores numerous dimensions of artistic work: sound and video installation, drawing, painting, sculpture and photography. Through this freedom of support, she questions our emotions regarding creation and the way our different points of view on reality contradict each other. To accomplish this aim, she particularly establishes a dialogue between “rich” and “poor” cultures, drawing inspiration from film iconography and rock music. Among the numerous prizes and grants she has been awarded, one can find prizes from important institutions of contemporary art such as P.S.1 in New York as well as awards more related to pop culture such as a MTV Music Award for the video of the single Jeremy by Pearl Jam in 1993. For this exhibition, curator Paolo Colombo has laid out the works to create only one installation. This way, he wishes to demonstrate the way Ferguson’s work foresaw numerous debates raging today regarding artistic creation. The visitor is consequently immediately brought face to face with Ferguson’s work in all its variety and with her message in all its...

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