The Hermitage opens in Barcelona

The Hermitage Museum is to open a new space in Barcelona in 2019. The building’s construction has been conferred to architect Íñigo Amézola and will be located on the city’s seafront, in a new district being built to welcome hotels and new marinas. $43 million in private donations need to be gathered to finance the whole project. With a space of over 37,000 m2, spread out over five floors, the new museum will offer seven exhibition galleries. Targeting to draw 500,000 visitors per year, the director of the future museum, Jorge Wagensberg, insists that the institution will not be a simple franchise of the well-known Russian museum but will allow creation of a “continuous dialogue between science and art, highlighting both what unites and what distinguishes them, using modern scientific museology, a unique combination of parts, and (phenomenological) and museological...

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Levalet at the Montana Gallery

From 14 December 2015 to 6 February 2016, the Montana Gallery, in Barcelona, will host an exhibition of works by French urban artist Levalet, titled “One Step Forward, Two Steps Back”. Levalet is known for his hyperrealist collages which he started to circulate in the streets, the corners and the stations of Paris since 2012. His production, always virtual interaction with an urban scene- a window, a fountain, stairs, a metal curtain- drew on improvisational theatre, mime, film and the daily life for which he borrows faces from this entourage. Recently, he was exhibited by the Galerie Brugier-Rigail on 8th avenue, from 22 to 26 October 2015, in Paris, and in galleries such as the Cabinet d’amateur, the Galerie Géraldine Zberro and the Galerie Joël Knafo, in Paris, at Basement Project Room, in Fundi, in Italy, and in the 2015 edition of street art festival CHEAP, in Bologna and at the exhibition of contemporary drawing, “Drawing Now”, in Paris....

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First Barcelona Gallery Weekend

The first edition of Barcelona Gallery Weekend will open on 1 October and run over the weekend to 4 October 2015, with exhibitions in 40 different venues across the city, be they commercial galleries, art institutions or artist-run-spaces. The mix of public and private spaces is designed to open up the Barcelona art scene and give it a more dynamic, accessible feel. The weekend’s curators commented, “We really wanted to highlight public and private locations that are perhaps esoteric, overlooked, and underappreciated, and work with fantastic artists who we knew would respond to this ‘hidden’ side of the city.” There are 21 commercial galleries taking part, including ADN Galeria, Nogueras Galeria and Galeria Trama. Many of Barcelona’s museums, such as Fundació Joan Miró, LACBA and Museo Picasso, will also be showing special exhibitions and extending their opening hours. A handful of independent venues and non-profit organisations are also taking part, such as Bar Project Homesession and The Green Parrot, breathing a fresh breath of air into a slightly slumped art scene, with public cuts and directorship upheaval besmirching the city’s formerly gleaming artistic reputation. The weekend will also feature “Compositions”, a program of five art installations made to suit very specific locations. The six local artists whose work will be shown are David Bestué, Dora García, Jordi Mitjà, Rasmus Nilausen & Pere Llobera, and Daniel Steegmann Mangrané and it is being curated by Latitudes. The weekend promises to put Barcelona firmly back on the Spanish art world...

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Fundación Mapfre to host Post-Impressionist exhibition at new venue in Barcelona

Fundación Mapfre, a Madrid-based non-profit cultural institution, renowned for its extensive photograph collection, will open a second site in Barcelona on 10 October 2015, a house built by the renowned Garriga-Nogués family. Its inaugural exhibition, organised by the Musée d’Orsay’s chief curator, Isabelle Cahn, is entitled “Vivir en el color. De Van Gogh a Matisse” and will focus on Post-Impressionist works, and running from 10 October 2015 to 10 January 2016. Pablo Jiménez Burillo, Mapfre’s director general of culture, has spoken of his vision for a programme “with a little more independence” in Barcelona, a creative hub in itself rather than simply a subsidiary gallery to Madrid. This exhibition will be held exclusively in Barcelona and will show 72 masterpieces from Picasso’s Nude Against a Red Background (1906) to self-portraits by Van Gogh and Cézanne. The show will aim to explore the evolution of the use of colour in post-Impressionist works, presenting the development of masters such as Van Gogh from a more muted palette to using bolder, more vivid colour. Barcelona is also the photographic epicentre of Spain, with Carlos Gollonet, Mapfre’s curator, highlighting that it “has one of the most important photography traditions in Spain; in the 1980s and ’90s it was the point of reference for Spanish photographers.” Its inaugural exhibition will be followed by two retrospectives of major figures in contemporary photography, the Japanese photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto (in February 2016) and American photographer Bruce Davidson (due to open in May...

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Elia Sabato at the cultural center Espronceda

On 18 September 2015 the opening of the exhibition devoted to Italian artist Elia Sabato at the Espronceda cultural center of Barcelona, will take place. This is the first time his work is presented in Spain. The exhibition “Illusion and Reality” traces the artistic activity Elia Sabato, his native Puglia (born in Lecce in 1975) to his stay in Rome, where he began working with various sculptural techniques and the process of abrasion. The epicenter of his work is light, creative illusional forms that allows him to play on the optical perception of three dimensions from a two-dimensional object, and vice versa. It is a universe of contrasts and ambivalence, between light and darkness, flatness and volume. The eye is entranced by the depth of his works, and questions of discerning reality and the role of sight in the analysis of forms are asked. Finally, the artistic approach of Elia Sabato is akin to a quest for meaning: where is the real truth? The artist now works between Rome and Barcelona. The Espronceda cultural center was opened in 2013. Dedicated to contemporary art, it divides its time between the permanent exhibition of artists and the hosting of foreign artists, but also art critics and curators thanks to a ​​residence space which can accommodate four people. The objective of the cultural center is to promote international and intercultural dialogue, relayed through educational programs and...

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