“Ayyam Gallery”

Afshin Pirhashemi at Ayyam Gallery Dubai

From 16 March until 30 April 2015, Ayyam Gallery in Dubai is hosting an exhibition of the works of Iranian artist Afshin Pirhashemi, entitled “Femafia”. Pirhashemi’s works deal with the issues faced by women in contemporary Iranian society through photorealistic portraits. He is especially interested in relationships of power and how gendered bodies and spaces are negotiated. Born in 1974, Afshin Pirhashemi currently lives and works in Tehran, Iran. He has exhibited in many institutions in the Middle East and Europe, including: Ayyam Gallery, London; Homa art Gallery, Tehran; Seyhoun Art Gallery, Tehran; Barg Gallery, Tehran; In & Out, Milan; Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Tehran; and Museum of Contemporary Art,...

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The Young Collectors Auction at Ayyam Gallery Dubai

The 21st edition of the Young Collectors Auction is to return to the Ayyam Gallery, Dubai on 30 September 2014. The work of artists including Asaad Arabi, Leila Nseir, Marwan Kassab Bachi, Ammar Al Beik, Tammam Azzam, and Khaled Takreti will be on offer. The sale is aimed at aspiring collectors, as well as more experienced collectors looking to acquire works by established and emerging artists from the region. The lots include a selection of painting, photography, limited-edition prints and sculpture. The Young Collectors Auction’s objective is to make the auction experience accessible to all, encouraging young people to take an interest in art appreciation. Both buyers and members of the public alike are invited to a preview viewing of the lots, where specialists will be present to give more information and answer any...

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“Athier: Improbable Possibilities” at London’s Ayyam Gallery

Running from 18 September to 31 October 2014, London’s Ayyam Gallery is to present the work of British-Iraqi artist Athier Mousawi in an exhibition titled, “Athier: Improbable Possibilities”. Presenting three bodies of work, the exhibition highlights the geometric explorations within Athier’s practice. Approaching art from a foundation of theoretical physics, the artist’s paintings represent dynamic architectural elements and tubular forms, which, through creating a sense of equilibrium in the images, lead the viewer through the work. Athier focuses primarily on scale and colour, with intelligent colour choices creating a tangible energy. Following his studies at Central St. Martins, London, Athier has since garnered fame through a multitude of exhibitions; as well as being selected for Chasing Mirrors — an artist residency run by the National Portrait Gallery in...

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Walid El Masri’s “Cocoon” at Ayyam Gallery: interview with the artist

Whilst a civil war continues to rage in Syria, local artists are currently in high demand. Walid El Masri, a Syrian painter born in 1979, presents a series entitled Cocoon, on display at Ayyam Gallery in London, until 2 August 2014. Art Media Agency spoke to the artist about his work and artistic practice, giving us his view on Syrian creation in the current context. Tell us a little about your Cocoon series. Cocoon is a new series that I have been working on for two years now. It is the second time that it has been showcased, following an exhibition in Paris last year. The current show includes five paintings measuring 155 x 200 cm, and three works measuring 130 x 100 cm each. In all these works there is a large tree, from which several cocoons are suspended. For me, the cocoon epitomises the displacement between three different moments in time: the past (the larvae), the present (the cocoon), and the future as one of two things. If metamorphosis is completed, it emerges as a butterfly, but it may otherwise remain as larva caught in the woven silk of the cocoon. All this gives an extra dimension to the cocoon. Alongside the simplicity of its form, it adds a magical element: it breathes energy of life and death simultaneously. These ideas are all in dialogue with the idea I have of Syria’s current conflict. How did you become an artist? I was very interested in painting from a young age but I never thought of “studying” art. My school career was different — I never enjoyed it. In my eyes, school represented stagnation and constraint. I still feel the same! Nevertheless, at the age of thirteen, without my family’s permission, I ran away from the school to Al-Ghoutta, where...

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“Syria’s Apex Generation” at Ayyam Gallery

Both the Beirut and Dubai branches of Ayyam Gallery are presenting “Syria’s Apex Generation”, exhibitions featuring work by emerging Syrian artists, to run from 9 June to 2 August 2014. Described by the gallery as a multi-venue group show, the shows present works by Syrian artists who have taken inspiration from recent conflict, but whose production initially coincided with a significant rise in interest in art in Damascus prior to the Arab Spring. Paintings by Nihad Al Turk, Abdul Karim Majdal Al-Beik, Othman Moussa, Mohannad Orabi, and Kais Salman are to be on display. Works address conflict through realism, allegory and satire, displaying a strong foundation in both the work of Syrian Modernist artists of the 1950s, as well as contemporary painters. The artists themselves all form part of the Shabab Ayyam incubator program for young artists, conceived in 2007. Despite living and working in disparate locations, works by artists featured in the exhibitions show a symbiosis, born from a similar upbringing. Shows are to be accompanied by a programme of talks on the theme, and an eponymous publication by Maymanah...

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