“Audrey Azoulay”

French minister of culture puts forward a “historic” budget

Audrey Azoulay, French minister of culture and communication, has committed to increase her ministry’s means. In 2017, the ministry hopes to dispose of 10 billion euros, 3.6 billion of which would be devoted to culture, research and the media, representing a 5.5 % rise compared to 2016. This would be the strongest increase since 2010, representing 1.1 % of the State budget. On 28 September, during an official speech presenting the financial budget for 2017, Madame Azoulay declared that “this budget allows culture to occupy its space, at the heart of the Republican pact. It is a foundation and a perfect incarnation of the republic’s...

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Les Tanneries in Amilly inaugurated by Audrey Azoulay

Inaugurated on 21 September by Audrey Azoulay, French Minister of Culture and Communication, the contemporary-art centre Les Tanneries in Amilly has finally opened. The project dates back to 2001 when Agart, an association of artists in the region, started to hold exhibitions in the industrial area. The artistic director of Les Tanneries, Éric Degoutte, is featuring artists with links to abstraction, from Élisabeth Ballet to Adrien Couvrat, in the inaugural exhibition, “Histoire des formes”, on until 12 March 2017. Architect Bruno Gaudin looked after renovation of the industrial buildings in which the art centre is lodged while landscape artist Christian Ponceau turned his attention to the...

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Frédéric Lénica, appointed director of Audrey Azoulay’s cabinet

Frédéric Lénica has been appointed director of the cabinet of the new French Minister of Culture and Communication, Audrey Azoulay. General manager of CSA since 2014, Frédéric Lénica is taking over form Fabrice Bakhouche — who is expected to be appointed French Ambassador in Rome. His mission will namely be to oversee the bill on “Freedom of creation, architecture and heritage” instigated by former minister Fleur Pellerin, and to be brought into being by Audrey Azoulay. Aged 43 years, this graduate of ENA and ESCP Europe, who has been active in the State Council and is the current manager of CSA, will be taking on his government functions after stints in the Ecology and Housing...

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Audrey Azoulay named Minister of Culture by François Hollande

French president François Hollande has chosen Audrey Azoulay to take over the helm of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, replacing Fleur Pellerin. The former presidential culture counsellor is therefore being given the opportunity to replace her previous supervising minister – a boon for the ex-number two at the Centre National du Cinéma (CNC) who maintains good relationships with the world of culture. Unlike her predecessor, Audrey Azoulay can claim special knowledge about the creative world, namely thanks to her training in film. This appointment comes at a time when the Senate is examining the Pellerin Bill on the “freedom of creation, architecture and heritage”, aiming to establish and guarantee the freedom of creation and to update the protection of...

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