“at Taipei’s Huashan 1914 Creative Park”

$1.5 million painting Taiwanese boy punched may be counterfeit

Last weeks buzz about the young 12-year-old Taiwanese boy who tripped and punched through a $1.5 million painting at Taipei’s Huashan 1914 Creative Park has brought about questions regarding who created the painting. While originally thought to be a creation by Paolo Porpora (1617-1673), experts are saying the creator may in fact be Mario Nuzzi (1603-1673), with artnet’s Price Database attributing Composizione con vaso di fiori, the punched painting, to Nuzzi. A buyer was not found for this work in 2012 at an auction at Casa d’Aste Della Rocca in Turin, Italy, with its estimated price of €25,000-€30,000, which raised suspicions of its $1.5 million value. Those who put together the exhibition in which the painting was featured believe the work is by Porpora. But curator Sean Hu of Taipei-based Hu’s Art Company questions the authenticity of the piece. “From a professional’s perspective, if the paintings are so old and expensive, they should not have been exposed to an environment without constant temperature and humidity,” said Hu. Since the damage to the piece was accidental and the painting was insured, the boy and his family are not liable. The damaged canvas is being restored by Leo...

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