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“Making a dent in art history”: an interview with Oksana Salamatina

For her booth at this year’s edition of Art Paris, entitled Masculin Féminin, and inspired by Jean-Luc Godard’s 1966 film of the same name, Oksana Salamatina explores the opposing notions of fragility and strength through a diverse range of works by the artists Irina Davis, Ezio Gribaudo, Nina Levy, Nicolas Sisto, Graham Dean, Nikolai Khizhniak, and Andrei Sharov. Salamatina spoke to us about the works on show, her impressions of the fair, and her approach as a gallerist. How have you found this year’s fair so far? I think it’s a good fair and I think that it attracts an interesting public. This year’s fair is a little bit different, because last year it was focused on China and they did more installations around the Grand Palais. But I think that the quality is very good this year. Could you tell me about your inspiration for the exhibition? For this year’s exhibition, I was inspired by Godard’s film Masculin Féminin. The film deals with a lot of different issues, socially and politically, but it goes unnoticed in a way. If you look at our work, you can find a lot of interesting references. The beauty of it is that most of the work we’re showing was done especially for the fair. I didn’t give the artists specific guidelines, I simply said that I had this topic in mind, and the artists either thought about it and suggested existing works, or produced new pieces. Could you tell us about some of the artists you’ve selected for your booth? Nikolai Khizhniak is a photojournalist. He is very very talented, and this is the first time that he’s been exhibited here. When I first saw these works, I already had the theme of Masculin Féminin in mind, and I felt that they captured both a sense of fragility and vulnerability, which perhaps...

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The Caretaker at Art Paris: an interview with the Carpenters Workshop Gallery

The Carpenters Workshop is one of many who have chosen to enter Art Paris 2015 with a solo show. Characterised as a Contemporary art and Design gallery which represents emerging and established international designers, the work on display adequately evokes their foundations. Founded in 2005, their reputation has grown extensively. Acting as a keen representative of over 30 designers, The Carpenters Workshop Gallery has introduced itself to Art Paris. This is your first time at Art Paris, how is it treating you so far? It is our first time participating and so far we are doing really well. We have been enrolling ourselves in more and more art fairs every year and figured this year was the appropriate time to introduce ourselves to Art Paris. It seems like we have made the right decision because we are receiving really promising enquiries and have managed to generate a lot of interest. Our objective was to branch out and reach a broader public. In doing so, we have also achieved successful sales. We have had a very good start, let’s see how it progresses throughout the week. You are representing Atelier Van Lieshout, can you tell me a little bit about him? Atelier Van Lieshout is a multidisciplinary art collective which experiments with a diverse range of practices. They work with sculpture, design, painting and architecture, to create functional works of design-related orientation. They create under the influence of a multitude of thematics such as existentialism and philosophy and have their work in major collections, such as the Prada Foundation and the Museum of Modern Art. How would you describe their work? The work speaks for itself. It crosses over creative domains and can’t be defined by a single category. It’s almost like an act of artistic mergence; fine art, architecture and...

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An interview with Galerie Un-Spaced’s Sebastian Wickeroth at Art Paris 2015

Established in September 2013, Paris-based Galerie Un-Spaced comprises an exhibition space dedicated to a new generation of French and international artists whose work challenges the aesthetic and expands the boundaries of visual art. At this year’s Art Paris Art Fair, the gallery is exhibiting a selection of works from Sebastian Wickeroth, Pierre Labat, and Paul Lahana. AMA managed to speak to German artist Sebastian Wickeroth, amidst this year’s collection in booth B7 . How did you become interested in art?                                                                                                           I actually studied architecture at first but I was painting at the same time. I finally decided to quit architecture but my work is still very much related to it. I have paintings on display here but I also work a lot in sculpture and installation, as well as with a lot of site-specific work, which is very closely related to architecture. Do you have a preferred medium? For a long time, I worked with plaster. I created sculptures from plasterboard, as well as objects that look like they’ve been crushed against the floor. In fact, they have not been destroyed but instead carefully constructed. I work with a lot of different materials but it’s normally simple, raw material such as the vinyl that I have used in one of the exhibited pieces, which is stretched on the frame. The glass pieces represent quite a new material for me, together with spray paint. I love creating something new and different. How does Art Paris compare to other art fairs that you have exhibited...

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An interview with Galerie Michel Vidal at the Art Paris Art Fair 2015

Galerie Michel Vidal is a renowned gallery who represents a handful of important artists. AMA had the opportunity to talk to them about their objectives and concurrent status. The booth welcomes a wide range of visitors to engage in an introductory experience with some of the 20th century’s most notorious artists. Notably displaying works by Larry Rivers, Sol Le Witt and Arman, the works on show complement the fair’s Singapore-oriented thematic. It is your first time participating in Art Paris. Why have you chosen to participate this year? We previously participated in other fairs such as PAD, but decided that this year would be a great start to branch out and introduce ourselves to an international audience. We have immersed ourselves and aim to contribute our share to the diversified range of works which are being showcased. We are interested in catering to our audience on an international level and have a large range of clients who expect us to develop our reputable exposure. Therefore we are making a name for ourselves as a gallery and expanding our network to welcome a new array of individuals. Would you say that there is an international atmosphere here today? Yes. I have seen many Italian, English and French visitors but not as many Asians, despite the fact that this year’s theme is devoted to Singapore. Nevertheless, the audience we have received has been of a very interesting mix. Deriving from multinational backgrounds, the feedback we have been offered, and the enquiries made about our work has signified our potential to provide creative interest. What is the average price range of the works on show within your booth? The works vary in price. They range from €7,000 to €280,000. The most expensive piece we have, which is also one of the main works susceptible to enquiry, is the George...

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An interview with Galerie Claire Gastaud’s Henni Alftan at Art Paris 2015

Henni Alftan is a Finnish artist from Helsinki who has been living and working in France since 1998. AMA got the chance to speak to the artist about her solo exhibition at the Galerie Claire Gastaud, Stand B3, live from Art Paris 2015. How did you get into art? I have been painting since I was six and I always knew that I wanted to be an artist. It was evident that art was something that I was destined to study. How does Art Paris compare to other art fairs that you have exhibited at before? Grand Palais makes a big difference; it’s a really nice venue and it has a lot of exposure. I haven’t exhibited at many art fairs but I’ve done Art Paris a couple of times. This year, I think that there are a lot more high-quality stands, perhaps because of the number of solo shows, I’m not sure, but there’s definitely a lot more high-quality artworks. Can you speak to us about the works you have on display today? What is the standout piece from the booth in your opinion? I was shortlisted for the Emerige prize with the painting that we have hung on the outside of the booth, Vandalism (2014). I exhibited it there and I wanted to show it again because it’s a painting that talks about painting. We had about 30 works to choose from so we made a selection based on what could possibly work together. The idea is to give a general view of the works, without showing absolutely everything in one show. There is no connecting theme or concept. I normally work in series; they don’t necessarily look a like but they have an overarching title. These works are from different series. I suppose all of my...

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