“Art Monaco Fair”

Experts question the authenticity of a group of works by Jackson Pollock

Questions have been raised about the authenticity of a group of works attributed to Jackson Pollock. Around 30 paintings from the group were privately analysed by Art Access & Research, a UK- based company, in 2010. Six from the group of works were exhibited at the Art Monaco fair in July by the Nevada-based Classic Fine Art. Tests suggests that the CI Pigment Yellow 74p used in 12 of the paintings were not commercially available before the artist’s death in 1956. Reports on each of these 12 works state: “The earliest forms of this class of pigment appeared on the commercial market in 1910 (PY1), with others following in the 1920s (such as PY4-6). However, the date of introduction of PY74 is commonly given in the literature as 1957. This consequently raises a number of issues.” In an email, Classic Fine Art says it believes the works are authentic and that “every indication” supports that belief. The gallery adds that it is carrying out “the highest-quality” tests and authenticity processes to verify them. In the meantime, it says it will not consider any exhibition or “financial involvement in the paintings” until scientific proof is available and the accepted authentication process completed. The fair director, Johnessco Rodriguez, stated that the works were also previously exhibited at the University of California, Berkeley, and the Museum of Biblical Art in Dallas: “We want to believe that they would not have displayed them if they weren’t sure of the...

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