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Art Dealers Ivor Braka and Thomas Dane Donate to The Whitworth

London art dealers Ivor Braka and Thomas Dane have made a gift including major works to The Whitworth, in Manchester, United Kingdom with the intention to encourage more dealers and collectors to give outside London. The gift includes major works by Tracey Emin, Gilbert & George, Rebecca Warren, Michael Landy and Anya Gallaccio. The gift responds to strengths in the Whitworth’s existing historic and contemporary collections. A large-scale appliquéd blanket by Tracey Emin, for example, will complement the Whitworth’s world-class holdings of fine art and textiles, which includes tapestries by Edward Burne-Jones and William Morris. The donation will also strengthen the gallery’s representation of contemporary British female artists by adding Rebecca Warren’s 2006 Turner Prize nominated installation Sylvesternacht as well as a significant Anya Gallaccio sculpture that will sit alongside a major new commission by the artist, to be realised in Manchester in Spring 2016. Maria Balshaw commented: ‘We are thrilled by this important gift. Acquiring major works by contemporary artists is perhaps the biggest challenge facing UK public collections today and it is where collectors can offer the greatest help to...

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Moretti Fine Art Ltd. collaborates with Richard Knight

Moretti Fine Art Ltd., one of the world’s foremost dealers in Old Master paintings, is collaborating with Richard Knight, the respected art dealer and former co-Chairman of Old Master and 19th century Art at Christie’s, London to form Knight Moretti to together act as dealers and agents in European Art. Knight Moretti will be based at the Moretti Gallery at 2a – 4 Ryder Street in St. James’s, London. Richard Knight is a well-recognised specialist and art dealer with 45 years of experience in the trade. He has commented, “I am very excited to be returning to the world of independent art dealing following eleven enjoyable years with Christie’s. Having spent the greater part of my working life as a dealer, I am delighted to be returning to a world I know so well. It is also particularly pleasing for me to be embarking on this new venture in association with Fabrizio Moretti, one of today’s most impressive old master dealers and a friend whom I have known and admired from the earliest days of his business. I see a bright future for my own new company and for the Knight Moretti partnership.” Fabrizio Moretti established Moretti Fine Art Ltd. when he was just 22 years old. Moretti has expressed similar excitement, declaring, “I have known Richard all my working life. He has been a constant supporter whilst I have established, built and developed the business of Moretti Fine Art Ltd…Richard’s knowledge and experience of the business will be of great benefit to us and our...

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David Benrimon Fine Art is moving

David Benrimon Fine Art — international art dealers —, has announced it is to move to a new 460m2 space on 730th Avenue, in New York. Specialising in contemporary, Impressionist, Renaissance, Baroque and Post-War artists — including Monet, Braque, Bacon and Titian — David Benrimon Fine Art offers a guided buying process for both experience and novice...

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The results of Skate’s Art Market Research

New York, 19 September 2012. Art Media Agency (AMA). Skate’s Art Market Research has recently updated its research on international art funds, which results have been presented in occasion of a conference last 13 September hosted by the New York State Bar Association and titled “Matters of Art Finance: Exploration of Art Loans & Art Investment Funds”. The world ranking for the art industry has been presented at the International Art Industry Forum (IAIF) in Vienne the 19 and 20 September 2012. The first point of the research is Skate’s Art Industry 100, which draws up a ranking for enterprises in the blooming art market. This ranking is based on a unique methodology exclusive to Skate’s which is looking to analyse the contribution of art enterprises which are investing in the world market, including business figures (estimated or published), the number of employees, the international range, the compulsory features and additional factors. According to Skate’s Research, the annual turnover of these first hundred enterprises in the art industry was equal to 32.5 milliard dollars in 2011. In total, these enterprises have opened more than 600 offices in the world and employ around 42,000 people. Trade is one of the main activities in the art sector, with the auctions model. One third of enterprises quoted in Skate’s Art Industry 100 run auction sales. At the same time, many enterprises try to widen the range of sectors, positioning themselves like finance services dealers or private agents (following the models proposed by the leaders of the industry like Sotheby’s and Christie’s). They venture also into other domains like education, publishing or the exhibitions and events...

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World art market: 2010 turnover

Brussels, 28 July 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA). Cinoa (Confédération internationale des négociants en Œuvres d’Art) has published its latest report on the art market. It states that the total global turnover of art dealers and auction houses amounts to €43 billion. €21,100 million was made by auction houses and €21,900 million by art dealers. The art market has almost regained its 2007 level, when the total turnover was €48 billion. Cinoa listed 375,000 art dealers, but affirms that 2 to 5% of them represent half the turnover of the gallery sector. The number of auction houses in the world is estimated at 25,000 but two actors are monopolising the market in several sectors: Christie’s and...

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