“Arab contemporary art”

“Here and Elsewhere” at New Museum

The New Museum in New York is to present “Here and Elsewhere,” an exhibition of contemporary art from and about the Arab world. It is to run from 16 July until 28 September 2014. The exhibition brings together more than 40 artists from across over twelve countries in the Arab world, paying particular attention to the position and role of the artist. A wide variety of themes is explored, including: reflection on the act of representation; the image as a site of conflict or space of intimacy; the task of witnessing and chronicling social and political changes; and the critique of media representation and propaganda. Through an exploration of traditional mediums — including painting, drawing, and sculpture — “Here and Elsewhere” refutes the notion of the Arabic-speaking world as a homogeneous, one-dimensional entity. Presenting works from multiple countries, it highlights the notion that works extend well beyond their aesthetically or conceptually Arab roots. “Here and Elsewhere” is organised by the New Museum’s curatorial department, led by Massimiliano...

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