MFA Computer Exhibition in Preparation for its 30th Anniversary

From 24 October to 25 November 2015, the School of Visual Arts Flatiron Gallery, in New York, is presenting “Techtonic Shift”, an exhibition of prints, video and interactive installations by alumni of the Motion Graphics, Fine Art and Animation (MFA) Computer Art Department. The exhibition has been curated in preparation for the department’s 30th anniversary next year and curators, Milan Delvecchio and Angelica Vergel, wanted to take the opportunity to showcase the department’s fine art alumni and faculty. The artists exhibiting have incorporated a variety of analogue and digital media, experimenting with technology and abstraction such as Mel Hsieh’s video combines 35mm film footage with digital effects and 3D modelling. The MFA Computer Art Department emphasises creative research to making art with computers and emerging technologies. It is dedicated to producing digital artists of the highest ability and guides students in the development of a personal artistic style. The Department has distinguished itself with eight Student Academy Awards. The School of Visual Arts (SVA) has been a leader in the education of artists, designers, and creative professionals for more than six decades. It is comprised of more than 6,000 students at its Manhattan campus and 35,000 alumni in 100...

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Hirshhorn Museum to celebrate its 40th anniversary

The Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden is organising a gala on 9 November 2015 to celebrate its 40th anniversary. For the occasion, 40 artists will be honoured for their contributions to contemporary art. The gala will be presided over by Jim Demetrion, Ann Hamilton, Olga Hirshhorn, Julian Sands, Ellsworth Kelly, and Yoko Ono. The artists who will be honoured during this event notably include Ai Weiwei, Anish Kapoor, Jeff Koons, and Lawrence Weiner. The funds raised during the gala will serve to improve the digital offering of the museum, in order to broaden its audience. Melissa Chiu, director of the museum, welcomed the event, stating: “Now we have the incredibly exciting responsibility of building on that legacy. Taking advantage of emerging technologies and a broader focus on engaging international artists and audiences we hope to share the transformative powers of modern and contemporary art further than we ever have before. The Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Gardens is a museum situated in Washington D.C.; it was founded in the 1960s with the aim of hosting the collection of Joseph H. Hirshhorn. Its programming focuses primarily on the artists from the last fifty...

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ZKM Karlsruhe turns 25

Founded in 1989, the Centre for Art and Media Karlsruhe, is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. To honour the occasion the museum looks back over 300 exhibitions, 354 publications and the presence of 500 guest artists. The ZKM Karlsruhe was the first museum to exhibit and collect art of all genres; as part of the celebrations current exhibitions on show explore the artistic influences at the time of the museum’s conception, including the revolutionary genre of Action art present in Germany between the 1960s and 1980s. Exhibitions include “Beuys Brock Vostell”  on display until 9 November 2014; “Claus Bremer: mitspiel. theater und poesie 1949−1994” until 5 October 2014 and “CIVIC RADAR. Lynn Hershman Leeson – the Retrospective” from 13 December 2014 until 29 March 2015. The anniversary weekend— 12 until 14 September 2014, will also see the launch of two new technology based innovations for the museum; firstly the new website relaunch where  exhibitions, events, productions, publications, works, videos and audio files produced since 1989, are integrated with one another; the site also pays homage to all the people that have influence and sculpted ZKM since its opening. There will also be an app launched, entitled “Motion Picture 2.0 technology”, which provides a new method of recording and reproducing images. The highlight of the weekend however, will be Kraftwerk’s return to the ZMK for a series of three sold out...

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New York’s Armory Show celebrates its hundredth year

New York, 28 January 2014, Art Media Agency (AMA) The New York Historical Society is currently presenting “The Armory Show at 100: Modern Art and Revolution”, to run until 23 February. The exhibition considers the impact which the Armory Show had upon its first appearance in 1913, placing a particular focus on the fanfare which surrounded the event. Produced under the guidance of curators Marilyn S. Kushner and Kimberly Orcutt, the 100th-anniversary edition of The Armory Show inscribes the event in a social history of art. Exhibits consider the show’s role as a meeting point for contemporary artists and critics, and include 100 pieces exhibited in the very first Armory Show, along with articles, caricatures and drawings from the period. Marcel Duchamp’s Nu Descendant un Escalier (1912) is presented through a parody dating from 1913, whilst other exhibited works – including Henri Matisse’s Blue Nude (1907), Brancusi’s The Kiss, and Wassily Kandinsky’s Improvisation n° 27 – are on loan from major collections. The Armory Show was created in 1913 by Alfred Stieglitz and American Critic Arthur Davies. The exhibition takes its name from an ancient armory room, used by the 69th infantry regiment. The founders sought to invest American painting – described as moribund and pretentious by Davies – with the same innovative, and avant-garde spirit they perceived in the works of their European peers. Davies was able to agree upon the loans of a number of prestigious works from European Institutions, and came up with a structure which gave visitor a general notion of European painting’s historical context. Featured artists included Ingres, Delacroix and Manet, whose works were accompanied by pieces from Cézanne, Van Gogh and Gauguin. Also included were examples of the Post-Impressionist, Fauvist and Cubist movements, with additional pieces by artists Picabia and Duchamp. In total,...

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A joint birthday for the Galerie Jaeger Bucher/Jeanne-Bucher

Paris, 13 January 2014, Art Media Agency (AMA). Paris’s Galerie Jaeger Bucher/Jeanne-Bucher is presenting  “Matière et Mémoire: la demeure du patriarche” (Matter and Memory: the house of the patriarchy), an exhibition which celebrates Jean-François Jaeger’s 90th birthday, and consequently his 66<sup>th</sup> year of production. The show is to continue until 25 January 2014, Works featured retrace the artist’s career, as well as his close associations with the artists he promoted, the critics and institutions with which he collaborated, as well as his relationships with collectors. The gallerist is world-renowned for his activities in the art world, having worked on projects for Nicolas de Staël, Vieira da Silva, Arpad Szenes, Hans Reichel, Mark Tobey, Bissière, Fermin Aguayo and Jean Dubuffet. An exceptional collection of six works by Dubuffet – one of the most significant artists represented by Galerie Jeanne-Bucher –  is to be shown to mark the occasion. Jean-François Jaeger also pioneered the first large-scale exhibitions of tribal art in France, and supported movements from the era from their very beginnings, including the School of Paris, Abstraction, and Narrative Figuration. He is also known for his ardent support of themes including public art, Eastern art, and the role of women in art – themes which emerged in 1960, and which remain relevant in contemporary art today. Following the work of artists represented by the gallery between 1947 and 2006, the exhibition present Jean-François Jaeger as the gallery’s father figure....

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