“Anne Cindric”

Soldiers and flowers mixing at the Laure Roynette Gallery

Paris, 12 April 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA). The Laure Roynette Gallery is displaying, from 5 May to 23 June 2012, new works by Anne Cindric in a private exhibition entitled “Missing In Action”. In this series, as in her other works, the artist gives a female look on male universes and on various objects of power. By depicting soldiers ─ or any other form of power as in her previous works ─ within bucolic landscapes, Anne Cindric seeks to represent a world devoid of seriousness where the mixing of constraints and genres prevails. Born in 1965, Anne Cindric entered the Paris Institute of Political Studies in 1984 and the l’Ecole Nationale de la Gestion in 1991 ─ obtaining her degree two years later. It is during this time that the themes of power and strength became important themes in her work. She joined Yanne Auguin’s workshop of illustration and composition in 1994 and joined the workshops of Fine Art of Paris, in the painting department, four year later. In France, Anne Cindric appeared in several private and collective...

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