“Andy Warhol”

Over €2 million for the Pierre-Yves Le Diberder collection

The sale of the Pierre-Yves Le Diberder collection, held on Friday 14 October at Druot by auction house Pierre Bergé & Associés, in association with Christie’s, raised €2,084,786. The sale reflected the collection’s eclecticism: for example, on the one hand, a painting by Ferdinand Joseph Guerldry from 1881, Une Régate à Joinville, le départ, yielding €114,240, and on the other hand, Man Ray, an acrylic and ink serigraphy on canvas by Andy Warhol raising...

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Phillips: £17.8 million for 20th century and contemporary art

At Phillips in London, the 20th century and contemporary art sale, held on 5 October, raised a total of £17,867,750. Twenty-four lots out of 28 were sold. Mark Bradford’s Rat Catcher of Hamelin III, with a high estimate of £2 million, was finally sold at £3.7 million. Andy Warhol’s painting 20 Pink Maos, a key work in the sale, went for £4.7 million. Bidders mainly came from Europe and the United States, as well as...

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Pierre-Yves Le Diberder collection estimated at €1.5 million

Pierre Bergé & Associés, in partnership with Christie’s, will be selling the Pierre-Yves Le Diberder collection at Drouot, on 14 October. From antiques to Asian arts, from old paintings to contemporary art, and from classic furniture to design, the 300 lots are estimated at being worth a total of  €1.5 million. Of note is a Bacchus Ephebus torso dating from the Roman era, a Louis XVI furniture item by Jean-François Leleu or a portrait of Man Ray by Andy Warhol. Raymond de Nicolay, auctioneer at Pierre Bergé & Associés, François de Ricqlès, chairman of Christie’s France, and Lionel Gosset, collections director at Christie’s France, are enthusiastic about this partnership, the second since 2009 (Yves Saint Laurent – Pierre Bergé...

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US release of a biography on art dealer Richard Bellamy

A biography on art dealer Richard Bellamy (1927–1998) and the Green Gallery which he founded in New York, is being released in the United States, indicates Artnet. Written by Judith Stein, it is called Eye of the Sixties: Richard Bellamy and the Transformation of Modern Art (published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux). This man who said, “Look at things that bother and agitate you. The things you don’t like challenge your brain,” was the first to show Andy Warhol in his gallery. Judith Stein reports artist Larry Poons’ comment on the gallery: “There weren’t any distinctions made between the abstractness of, say, Stella, Lichtenstein or Warhol. (…) everything existed together on the same wall, and it was...

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A Frank Lloyd Wright house on auction

On 21 February 2016, Los Angeles Modern Auctions will be holding a sale for the George D. Sturges residence designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1939 in Brentwood, California. In addition, Los Angeles Modern Auctions has announced that the collection and furniture of the former owners, Jack Larson and James Bridges, will be included in the sale. The collection includes works by Andy Warhol, Alex Katz, David Hockney — among others. The George D. Sturges house is a unique example of “usonian” design in southern California — a type of architecture modelled by Frank Lloyd Wright specifically based on the American lifestyle and integrated into the country’s natural...

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