“Amanda Coulson”

“Volta, more flexibility for the system”

Rendezvous at Volta, a fair whose selection is both inventive and rigorous. Seventy galleries will be waiting for you, from 12 to 17 June, for the thirteenth edition of an event that is still high in the popularity stakes. A stroll through its alleys, in the company of Amanda Coulson. Prior to launching Volta New York in 2008, Amanda Coulson cofounded Volta Basel in 2005. Today, the art critic and exhibition curator is also Director of the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas and resides in Nassau. So how does she approach the market? With a primarily curatorial vision and a gaze characterised by a critic’s eye… For its thirteenth edition, the artistic director is welcoming no less than 70 galleries from 43 different cities to Volta.   Can you tell us about this 2017 edition? What’s the atmosphere like? This is quite a difficult question because we see new things every year and that’s what’s interesting! Our galleries evolve, some take part in major fairs, others have different projects… But we work in a very organised manner. In New York, we only present solo shows whereas in Basel, we have more variety and we ask our galleries to change their programmes for every new edition. We’re not a fair that looks to gather as many people as possible, but our aim instead is to make Volta an attractive spot for curators and collectors who feel concerned. From the start, we thought that Volta would be held in a luxury hotel, a cheap youth hostel or else a boutique hotel… The idea was to create a well-groomed but human-sized concept because we always wanted to offer a break compared with the main fairs, a place where people also come to relax.   And have you tried to create links...

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Results of Volta 12

The Volta 12 fair, taking place from 13 to 18 June 2016 in Basel, ended with success. The contemporary-art fair celebrated twenty years of existence, a birthday marked by the current situation of market instability. The fair placed a spotlight on discovery and surprise, offering an intimate atmosphere promoting proximity with artists. In the words of the fair’s artistic director, Amanda Coulson: “It’s clear we are no longer the sparkling ingenue, in the mid-2000’s frenzied atmosphere of a high market and impulse buys (…) This year we’ve shown clearly that we are a proper venue for serious and deliberate acquisitions from both the reliable and loyal exhibitors who have remained with us through market vagaries, as well as the up-and-comers and those who eschew trends for conceptual and studied...

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Volta NY announces its list of artists and exhibitors at its next fair

The international art fair for emerging art, Volta NY, will be held from 2 to 6 March 2016 at Pier 90 in Hell’s Kitchen, New York. This fair welcomes about one hundred galleries and artistic installations not intended for sale, and gathers players from fifty different cities in four continents representing no less than 43 nationalities. Two-thirds of the galleries were already present at the previous edition, but newcomers will also be joining this year, from Fort-de-France, Reykjavik, Bucharest, Jeddah, Dallas, Harare, Dundee and Taipei. This openness is a perfect match for the event’s support of diversification, as pointed out by Amanda Coulson, artistic director of Volta NY: “Maybe in a smaller, fairly homogeneous town in Switzerland this might not feel uncomfortable, but in New York it felt very important to me that the diversity of the city’s residents be reflected in the range of our artists and...

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