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George Lawson and Wayne Sleep pose in front of Hockney’s portrait at Tate Britain

On 19 October 2015, at Tate Britain, in London, George Lawson and Wayne Sleep posed for members of the press in front of David Hockney’s celebrated portrait of them; George Lawson and Wayne Sleep 1972-5. For the press, Lawson and Sleep posed in exactly the same position as in the portrait. The painting is part of a collection of Hockney’s portraits of couples showing at the Tate Britain and is the first time that this portrait has been displayed in the United Kingdom. Dancer Wayne Sleep has modelled for Hockney on several occasions, since they met in 1967, and Hockney introduced Sleep to George Lawson. Between 1972 and 1975, Hockney worked on this large portrait of both them, which he eventually abandoned. Set in Lawson’s London mews house, the painting shows Lawson seated at a clavichord with Sleep standing in a doorway, listening to him playing. As Lawson recently recalled, “the pose was interesting […] Wayne was looking at me at the keyboard, standing and listening. I think it was nice conceit that he had a ballet dancer not moving just listening.” However, Hockney, soon found himself struggling with the painting. As he noted at the time, ‘in 1972, I began the painting of George Lawson and Wayne Sleep. Six months I worked on it, altering it, repainting it many times. It is documented, in its various stages. I kept taking photographs, thinking it was finished myself, and then deciding, it’s not right, no, that’s not right…I had a real struggle with it. Looking back now, two years later, I can see that the struggle was about naturalism, acrylic paint; it’s why I later abandoned acrylic paint and began to move away from...

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Fabienne Delacroix’s nostalgic paintings in New York

New York, 19 November 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA). This winter, Axelle Fine Arts is to present a solo exhibition of the works of Fabienne Delacroix entitled “Douceur de Vivre (The Sweetness of Living)”, from 7 December 2013 until 5 January 2014. Delacroix, daughter of painter Michel Delacroix, is known on an international level for her nostalgic representations of the countryside and the French seaside. The subjects covered by the artist range from quiet scenes of domestic interiors to sociable park settings, as well as seascapes and lively ports. Her work captures the spirit of the changing seasons in a bygone France. The New York-based gallery is presenting the artist’s latest collection of acrylic paintings. Delacroix currently lives and works in Madagascar, but is to attend the exhibition’s launch in New York on 7...

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