“55Bellechasse Gallery”

Opening of the Bellechasse gallery in Miami

The 55Bellechasse Gallery is opening in Miami at the 7111 North Miami Avenue Studio Complex. To celebrate this event, an opening night entitled ”Beautiful Night n1” was organized on 21 June, following the model of the French Fête de la Musique. Accompanied by the group Millionyoung, the saxophonist Leon Morley, and Rara Roots Rock Rasin, the event was organized by the JAMM Project with support of Next Level Fairs. The opening of the new space displayed the artist Jon Davis, who is represented by the gallery. The 55Bellechasse Gallery represents 13 artists such as Niloufar Banisadr, Christiaan Conradie, Jon Davis, Olsen Groiseau, Frederic Hégo, Tomasz Kaniowski, Elodie Pierrat, David Ramirez Gomez, Hui Shen, Sun Moqing, Pascal Vochelet and Vladimir...

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An interview with Franco-Iranian artist Niloufar Banisadr: the “voile au vent”

Born in 1973, Niloufar Banisadr is a Franco-Iranian artist who describes her work as  “abstract, narrative, contrasted, harmonious, and aesthetic”. Art Media Agency spoke to Banisadr about her work, her aspirations, and her home country of Iran. Firstly, can you tell us a little bit about yourself? I am Iranian but have been living in France for the last 12 years. I studied photography at the Azad University in Iran where my practice complemented the more traditional aesthetic. My work was more classical, and mainly focused on portraiture, using women as my subjects. I occasionally worked on my own personal projects but was not interested in publicly exhibiting my works. In 2001 I graduated from my course and I decided I wanted to travel, to see a bit more of the world. I travelled around the USA and around Europe, eager to understand Western culture. 12 years ago I moved to France and enrolled myself in SPEOS, which is the Paris London Photographic Institute. My degrees focused on the visual arts (for two years) and on digital photography (for one year). On graduating I found myself a job teaching black and white analogue photography in the darkroom, and continued my own practice in my free time. How would you say your practice initiated, and how has it developed? I started my practice in France by taking a series of self-portraits. I refused to show my work publicly as I wanted to go back to Iran at some point. There is a certain aesthetic benchmark which helps classify all works in Iran and some of my works would not fit very well with that criteria of acceptability. Iran has a certain level of censorship, so going back to Iran now would be a risky move to make. Nonetheless in 2013 I decided to showcase my...

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