About AMA’s Professional Newsletter

The Art Media Agency (AMA) Professional Newsletter is published each week in French and English. Featuring around 40 pages — containing over 100 articles — it provides subscribers with the latest news from the international art market.

Organised by subject, the newsletter covers news pertaining to museums, galleries, auction houses, artists, and fairs, whilst also considering art-specific issues such as cultural policy or collection management. Adding to this are exclusive interviews, art market analyses, and longer, in-depth studies.

The AMA’s Professional Newsletter aims to act as the primary source of information for collectors and art industry professionals alike.
Today, it is one of the most comprehensive, most distributed, and most widely-read publications in the art world.

Those wishing to join AMA’s existing 170,000 subscribers can do so for free.

“AMA’s Professional Newsletter is a working tool that analyses the continual activity of the art market with expertise and proficiency: it is useful for professionals and is an essential instrument for those who want relevant syntheses.” Nathalie Obadia, Galerie Obadia.

“As a financial banker involved in France’s art market, AMA is a continuous stream of documented, reliable and accurate information. AMA allows us to analyse the latest trends of the market and thus professionalise our evaluation of risks in the sector.” Stéphane Mathelin-Moreaux, Banque Neuflize OBC.

“AMA’s Professional Newsletter is the key source for insights on the global art industry and its players.” Sergey Skaterschikov, Skate’s Art Market Research.

“AMA is one of the most comprehensive information sources on the art market.” Serge Tiroche, Tiroche DeLeon Collection & Art Vantage PCC Limited.

“AMA allows one to get daily news updates on the art market in just one click.” Me Jean-Pierre Osenat, Auctioneer.

“The most complete art newsletter… and for free!” Philippe Davet, Blondeau & Cie.

“AMA’s newsletter is one of the most reactive news sources in the world. The information it presents is reliable and precious.” Julien Lecêtre, Art Paris Art Fair.

“AMA touches every corner of the international art world with top quality reporting. It is the definitive place for professionals to learn what is happening at a quick glance with the option to delve deeper.” Andrea Hill, Paddle8.