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Art critic Mat Gleason opens his gallery in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, 20 April 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA). Mat Gleason, art critic, known for having launched the Coagula Art Journal in 1992, and blogger for the Huffington Post’s English version, opened on 21 April his first gallery in the Chinese neighbourhood of Los Angeles. Sometimes considered as a scandal journalist for the world of art, criticized for his cynicism, Mat Gleason decided, to repeat what he said during an interview published on the Artweek webpage, “to cut the ribbon on another art world venture”. In this interview, he declared that after having managed to run a free information newspaper about art and having made a good living with it, he wanted to make a good living as an “exhibition curator”. Indeed, he feels strongly that galleries don’t put an emphasis on the importance of “curating shows”. He thinks it is time for a change. He also criticizes some kind of conservatism in force in Los Angeles. According to him, many artistic projects are rejected by gallery owners for no reason. As for him, he wishes to break free of these refusal habits, the same way he does not hide the fact that he wishes to commercialize by-products in order to increase his gallery’s earnings. Coagula Curatorial, whose logo takes the typeface used for Coca Cola, opened with two exhibitions: “Coney Island of the Mind”, dedicated to the artist Tim Youd, about the view of female body in literature, and “Beuys in the Basement”, new photographs by the German documentary maker Michael Montfort, recounting a performance of the artist Joseph Beuys in...

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Meulensteen Gallery closing for good

New York, 13 July 2012, Art Media Agency (AMA). According to several rumours spreading in New York, the Meulensteen Gallery is to close its doors soon. This gallery, originally called Max Protech Gallery had become a highly esteemed gallery thanks to its exhibitions featuring documents by artists such as Frank Gehry and Steven Holl. But in 2010, in response to the economic recession from which almost every gallery suffered, the gallery’s director sold its space to a German businessman. The new owner, Edwin Meulensteen thought he had made a good deal as he had taken over a skilled and passionate staff as well as a number of established artists. However, the gallery tremendously suffered from this new situation and thirteen artists left the gallery. This fact is certainly what motivated Josie Brown, the gallery director, to prematurely leave the gallery. His successor, Eric Gleason, in position since February, did not manage to restore the situation, but after two years of decline, no one will blame him for this. Artinfo announced that the Meulensteen Gallery would close for good on 1 August 2012....

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