Manchester’s Whitworth Art Gallery announces reopening

 Manchester  |  5 November 2014  |  AMA  |  Tweet  |  LinkedIn

The University of Manchester’s Whitworth Art Gallery has announced the date of their reopening scheduled for 14 February 2015.

The 125-year-old gallery has been shut for just over a year as part of a £15 million redevelopment which has involved the construction of two new wings. The artist Cornelia Parker has been commissioned to create an artwork for the museum with Nobel Prize winning scientist, Kostya Novoselov, out of tiny fragments of graphite. The fragments will be turned into graphene (the thinnest material in the world), which will then be made into a humidity sensor. On the night of the opening, Novoselov is to breathe into the sensor and trigger a spectacular firework display.

The gallery houses works by artists such as Francis Bacon, Blake, Turner, Bridget Riley, Richard Hamilton and William Morris as well as 2013 Turner Prize winner Laure Prouvost. The newly-built landscape gallery will feature a 45-meter-long installation by Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang, based on gunpowder.


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