The 20th Anniversary of the Gesellschaft für Moderne Kunst at Galerie Neue Meister

 Dresden  |  1 September 2014  |  AMA  |  Tweet  |  LinkedIn

This year, the Gesellschaft für Moderne Kunst in Dresden (Society for Modern Art in Dresden) celebrates its 20th anniversary, prompting Galerie Neue Meister to host an exhibition of contemporary art in tribute to the Society, on display until 2 November 2014.

The Gesellschaft für Moderne Kunst has purchased 45 works over the past twenty years which are on permanent loan to the gallery, including works by Marlene Dumas, Candida Höfer and Luc Tuymans. A particular focus of the collection is on works which have brought new energy to painting since the late-1990s, featuring artists including Johannes Kahrs, Peter Krauskopf and Sophia Schama. 

The newer works purchased by the Gesellschaft für Moderne Kunst create a dialogue with the gallery’s older collection, which dates back to the Romantic period. Works include paintings, photography, film and installations; reflecting the use of multimedia in contemporary art.

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