Space Invader detained in Los Angeles ?

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Los Angeles, 21 April 2011, Art Media Agency (AMA).

The Los Angeles Police have announced that they are detaining the French artist known as Space Invader.  He was arrested in the “little Tokyo” district while making one of his mosaics on a wall.  This is considered vandalism and the police took him in for questioning.

The artist’s arrest has arisen at a rather delicate time, as his work is being exhibited at LACMA, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, in the course of a retrospective on urban art.  The museum is even selling little mosaic key holders for seven dollars.

According to a Los Angeles policeman, artists have constantly been “vandalizing the streets” since the exhibition started.  This phenomenon would seem to indicate that urban art cannot be restricted to museums.  The artists of the “street art” movement are proud of their street connections and though they exhibit in museums, continue to emphasize that their art was born on the street.

Street art may have been let into the museums, but the police have their duties to fulfill and the laws on vandalism remain unchanged.  If street art were to become legal, it would almost surely mean the death of the movement.

Space Invader has maintained complete anonymity and never shows his face.  The police are uncertain as to the arrested man’s identity: have they locked up the real Space Invader?


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