Dak’Art 2014 forced to withdraw exhibitions referencing homosexuality

 Dakar  |  12 June 2014  |  AMA  |  Tweet  |  LinkedIn

According to The Art Newspaper, the exhibition “Precarious Imaging: Visibility and Media Surrounding African Queerness”, taking place as part of Dak’Art 2014, has been cancelled by Senegalese authorities, who have also forbidden the biennial from presenting any exhibitions which make reference to homosexuality.

These events arise following an act of vandalism on Raw Material Company, which was the setting for the exhibition from its opening on 11 May 2014. The following day, the building was vandalised and damaged by Muslim fundamentalists, protesting against the homosexual references made in the photographic and video works displayed.

The exhibition was formerly cancelled on 31 May and Raw Material Company remains closed. Although homosexuality is illegal in Senegal, an independent curator for the exhibition, Ato Malinda, told The Art Newspaper in April that “the show will cause controversy, but we will not censor ourselves”.

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