Don McCullin exhibited at Marrakech’s Museum for Photography and Visual Arts

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Marrakech, 3 April 2014, Art Media Agency (AMA).

An exhibtion of photojournalism is to open on 15 April, at Marrakech’s Museum for Photography and Visual Arts, and is to feature works by celebrated British photographer Don McCullin.

The exhibition presents renowned war photographers most well-known works, forming a close link with the museum’s existing collection. Featured subjects are to include images of conflict in Vietnam, Palestine and Northern Island, as well as images of British county Somerset, where the artist currently lives. Also to be exhibited are images of Morocco, taken by McCullin during a trip in 2010.

The exhibition is to be the third to be held in the museum’s temporary exhibition space, located in the Badi Palace. A permanent museum, designed by architect David Chipperfield, is to open in 2016.

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