Contemporary Israeli Art at Irit Fine Sommer

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Tel Aviv, 9 January 2014, Art Media Agency (AMA).

Tel Aviv’s Sommer Contemporary Art is presenting an exhibition of works by Israeli artist Naama Arad.

The artist, who won the Eileen Cooper Prize in 2010, studied Fine Art at the Art Institute of Chicago. Arad produces large works using photocopied images, frequently cutting into the pieces or creating sculptural installations.

Founded by Irit Fine Sommer, Sommer Contemporary Art opened its doors in Tel Aviv in 1999. The gallery places a focus on the discovery and the promotion of a new generation of Israeli artists, whose works are presented alongside pieces by rigorously-selected international figures.

Highlights of the institution’s 2013 exhibition programme were solo exhibitions dedicated to artist Gregor Hildebrandt, Ugo Rondinone, Netally Schlosser and Guy Ben-Ner. Additional exhibitions included “KAKAL: Between Naivety and Soberness in Recent Israeli Works”, with works by Efrat Shvily, Eliezer Sonnenschein, Rona Yefman, Guy Ben ner, Yael Bartana and Adi Nes, as well as “Farewell Rodney”, featuring pieces by Terry Adkins, Robert Davis, Phil Wagner, Alex Ernst, Sheree Hovsepian, Rashid Johnson, Tony Lewis, Angel Otero, Clifford Owens and Kon Trubkovich.

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