Mapping the New World at the American Museum in Britain

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Bath, 21 November 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA).

From 28 November to 22 December, and 22 March to 2 December 2014, the American Museum in Britain is presenting an exhibition entitled “New World, Old Maps”.

The display, celebrating the ancient map collection of museum co-founder Dr Dallas Pratt, is to illustrate the changing cartography scene as European explorers discovered the New World. Dr Pratt has described what led him to amass such an impressive collection: “I bought my first sixteenth-century map in 1932. It was the summer before I entered Yale, and I was in Paris with a friend. Strolling past bookstalls which line the left bank of the Seine, my eye was caught by three quaint and colourful maps. One was of the world, with fat-cheeked wind-puffers, one of the western hemisphere with a cannibal’s ‘lunch’ dangling from a Brazilian woodpile, and the third depicted an upside-down Europe with south at the top. Who could resist?”

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