Terra Foundation for American Art announces plans to increase funding

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Chicago, 6 September 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA).

The Terra Foundation for American Art has announced that during the fiscal year of 2013, it dedicated $6.75 million of funding to academic grants, exhibitions, and research, a budget which the foundation intends to raise to $8 million by 2015.

The foundation has produced some fifty projects and partnerships, which aim to help the exploration, understanding and appreciation of visual arts in the United States. Recent activities have seen the body organise the first major exhibition of American art in South Korea and Australia, as well as a forum on digital science, which took place at the Smithsonian.

Established in 2005, the Terra Foundation’s funding programme offers a global support for the production of exhibitions, academic programs, and public programs  in Chicago, where the organisation was created in 1978, and is still based today.

According to the president of the foundation, Elizabeth Glassman, “throughout the past five years, the foundation has supported some 400 programs in more than thirty countries. Our goal is to connect the public with the history of American art, so that the story is about them. I believe that the activities we have supported have led to an important intercultural exchange.”

Future projects include a conference organised by professors at the University of Kentucky in partnership with Tsinghua University in Beijing, planned to take place in November. The event is to examine major exhibitions and museum shows of American art, which have helped to establish and develop an understanding of American art, as seen from both America itself and further afield.

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