ArtScience Museum celebrates 125 years of National Geographic

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Singapore, 27 August 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA).

Singapore’s ArtScience Museum is currently presenting an exhibition of photography in celebrationg of the 125th anniversary of National Geographic. The exhibition is to run until 27 October 2013, and is entitled “50 Greatest Photographs of National Geographic”.

The show is to feature fifty iconic images alongside a section entitled “Behind the Photograph”, which will offer a short descriptive passage exploring the conception of the image.

Commenting on the exhibition, project officer Julia Vasko said “What is it that makes these photographs great? They show a connection. Photography is a medium that really connects people, whether it’s through the frame of the camera, or the relationship that takes place behind the camera, and that’s something that we wanted to convey here.”

The exhibition presents photographs which explore a variety of subjects, featuring pieces which consider the diversity of the Earth and the relationship between humans and the environment — whether negative or positive. The technical aspects of photographic production are also considered, with details such as composition and image production discussed.

“50 Greatest Photographs of National Geographic” is a touring exhibition which had been featured at museums across the world before its appearance in Singapore.

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