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Vancouver, 14 August 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA).

Website Blouin Artinfo has published a selection of eleven of what it believes to be Canada’s most interesting and promising galleries specialising in contemporary art.

Opened in 2011 in Halifax by Dave Hayden and Kevin Lewis, the Parentheses gallery offers works by artists including James Kirkpatrick, Saddo and Troy Lovegates. On the other side of the country, in Vancouver, Macaulay & Co. Fine Art, directed by Blanket Contemporary and gallery owner Sarah Macaulay, presents pieces by Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun, Beau Dick and Walter Scott. Wil Aballe’s gallery, Wil Aballe Art Projects – also based in Vancouver – opened with an exhibition of works by Sean Weisberger, and is scheduled to offer video works, installations and performance pieces in 2014. 

To the east in Montreal, the Nicolas Robert Gallery has been offering abstract geometric painting and contemporary photography since 2011, and represents artists including Joe Lima, Christian Knudsen, Lorna Bauer and Robert Houle. Also in Montréal, Galerie Hugues Charbonneau presents abstract pièces by artists including Jean-Benoît Pouliot and Séripop. Similarly situated in Montréal, Galerie Antoine Ertaskiran opened a second space devoted to contemporary art in 2012, and regularly participates in fairs including VOLTA, where it presented pieces by Michael A. Robinson, Sayeh Sarfaraz, Dominique Blain and Jacynthe Carrier.

In Toronto, Blouin ArtInfo highlights the work of Tomorrow Gallery, which opened two years ago and is directed by Tara Downs, Alexander Hardashnakov and Hugh Scott-Douglas (all of whom are under 30). The gallery presents represents a selection of young international artists such as Egan Frantz, Pinot Noir, and Mike Goldby. Since 2010, the city has also been a home to the Telephone Booth Gallery, directed by Sharlene Rankin, whose exhibitions frequently adhere to her interest in “materials and work processes.” Also in Toronto, Erin Stump Projects Gallery offers installations and abstract paintings, promoting the works of Vanessa Maltese, Robyn Cumming and Winnie Truong. In the centre of the city, Simon Cooper Cole recently opened a second space, and exhibits works by international artists, including Canadian artists who are based abroad.

Lastly, the article cited David Candler’s Edmonton-based gallery dc3 Art Projects, which opened in September 2012. Candler works with both with emerging and renowned artists, including sculptors Blair Brennan and Sean Caulfield, and painter Tammy Salzl.

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