Controversy at Jeu de Paume

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Paris, 14 June 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA).

The Musée du Jeu de Paume has responded to criticism regarding the work of Ahlam Shibli, one of its represented artists, who has been accused of producing pro-Palestinian propoganda which justifies terrorism.

The gallery released a statement responding to the accusations which relate particularly to Shibli’s series entitled Death: “Jeu de Paume strongly refutes all accusations surrounding the apology of terrorism and its tolerance. The museum is planning on pressing charges against all threats.”

“Ahlam Shibli, an international artist known worldwide, offers critical reflexions on the way men and women react to the loss of their homes, which forces them to build in places where they feel they belong, no matter what the price. In the series Death, which was specially made for this retrospective, artist Ahlam Shibli presents a work based on images that are far from propaganda or any form of apology for terrorism, contrary to what certain messages received by Jeu de Paume try to convey.”

The artist said: “I am not an activist […] The goal of my work is to portray, not to denounce or to judge.”

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