“Music for Silence” by Shary Boyle at the Venice Biennale

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Venice, 4 June 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA).

On the occasion of the 55th Venice Biennale, Canada is represented by artist Shary Boyle.

The artist has created an installation entitled Music for Silence, which explores themes of silence, isolation and solitude. This in-situ work also engages with folklore and the imagination and with humanist, feminist and social concerns.

Visitors to the pavilion are to discover a bronze sentry- a startled child, perched on the roof of the pavilion, who weaves ribbons around a concrete pole to form a maypole. Inside, small porcelain figures carry heavy, voluminous planets, alongside a silent black and white film showing a deaf women who expresses herself in sign language, unaccompanied by subtitles. The character translates a text written by Shary Boyle, in which the artists describes the intentions of her exhibition.

A life-sized underwater cave become a refuge: a resting place of an ancient marine deity who shelters a human infant. Overhead projectors fill the cave with saturated photo-collage “introducing a psychic strata populated by the mysterious, the forgotten, and the silenced”.

The artist’s installation uses a variety of media including sculpture, drawing, painting and performance. For her Venice appearance, Shary Boyle has created a visual composition based on time. She stated: “In conceiving of this installation, I thought a lot about the emotional entitlement we afford ourselves when we are moved by a song. I considered experiencing art as one would music; with trust in perception and intelligence of feeling. Each object is a note; building an arc and repeating; suggesting cycles and rhythm.”

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