Death of Austrian artist Otto Muehl

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Vienna, 28 May 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA).

Austrian artist Otto Muehl passed away on Sunday 26 May at the age of 87.

Known as the cofounder of Viennese Actionism (Wiener Aktionismus), Muehl fell sick some years ago. In his paintings, the provocative artist always sought “to overcome easel painting by representing its destruction process.” His work attracted a larger audience when he started creating sculptures with garbage, blood and corporal materials.

In 1991, he created portraits of public figures whose postures were considered to be shocking. His works for instance  represent Hitler with a genital nose or Mother Teresa in love. Their exhibitions were banned in 1998.

In 1971, Muehl established a “counter-society” reuniting artists and intellectuals and aiming to promote common property and sexual liberty until 1986. This adventure was terminated by his conviction of paedophilia and incarceration in prison.

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