In situ installation by Tadashi Kawamata to be displayed at Art Basel

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Basel, 1 May 2013, Art Media Agency (AMA).

Japanese artist Tadashi Kawamata will be presenting the installation Café Favela on the occasion of Art Basel, to be held from 13 to 16 June 2013.

The Artreview website reports that the organisers of the fair commissioned this work to the artist. The installation will be wrought with wood and salvaged materials. The work will be comprised of 18 huts linked by footbridges, with seats, cafés and pubs that will be used during the fair. It is coproduced with Swiss architect Christophe Scheidegger.

Tadashi Kawamata is a multimedia artist born in 1953 on Hokkaido Island in Japan. He lives and works between Paris and Tokyo. He is active throughout the world and produced monumental projects, always site-specific, and most of the time in a participative approach.

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